To ensure more security to user’s data, WhatsApp announces end-to-end encryption to chats’ cloud backups. These cloud backups will include both iCloud for iOS and Google Drive for Android.

The popular instant messaging app offers end-to-end encryption to all the messages sent through the app. But the encryption is not available on the chats’ cloud backup. Meaning only users as well as the cloud back services can access that chat data. WhatsApp can’t access those chat data on the cloud but the cloud services can have the access to all the data.

Facebook uses the two backup services i.e. iCloud for iPhone users and Google Drive for Android users. All the app’s chat history and data are stored on these two services.

The news comes from the Facebook Engineering website and is also confirmed by its CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

The encryption is not available yet but will soon be available for all users in the coming week. This option is also an opt-in as users have to enable it.

The app confirmed that once encryption for cloud backup is enabled “neither WhatsApp nor the backup service provider will be able to access”.

According to WhatsApp:

“People can already back up their WhatsApp message history via cloud-based services like Google Drive and iCloud. WhatsApp does not have access to these backups, and they are secured by individual cloud-based storage services.

But now, if people choose to enable end-to-end encrypted (E2EE) backups once available, neither WhatsApp nor the backup service provider will be able to access their backup or their backup encryption key.”

There are two options available for the users to choose from. They can choose to save 64-bit encryption manually or set a password themselves. This cloud backup encryption made the user’s data more secure and add an extra layer of security.

There is also one thing to keep in mind the encryption doesn’t mean that your data is 100% secured. Also if you lose the 64-bit encryption key or forget the password then you will lose your chat backup because you can’t restore that backup without the key or password. The instant messaging app allows you to reset the password like it did with Facebook but it is recommended to remember that password or store it somewhere safe like a password manager.

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