Facebook-owned Whatsapp over the past few months experimented a lot and brought many new features. Some of these features were new and some were inspired from other Instant messaging apps.

Now, WhatsApp is gearing up to launch another exciting feature which will help users to manage their storage and clean unwanted files with ease. This feature will be available for all the users in the coming week. This feature includes the redesigning of the storage management tool in WhatsApp. Users can now easily locate the media files in the app which are eating up storage. And they can also delete those files from the app easily to free up storage for other and important files.

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Users can locate this feature in the settings option. Go to settings, then go to storage and data where users will find a managed storage option.

As of now, the WhatsApp storage usage option will list all the chats based on storage they take place. The chats which take most of the storage to appear on the top followed by the one which takes 2nd most storage and vice versa. This storage is calculated by the total amount of media files each chat has and how much size the media files have. These media files include Gifs, Pictures, Videos, Meme, documents and chats as well. The bigger the media file is, the more space chat will take.

Now with this new feature users can delete the media file based on their category. Meaning they have the option to delete all the Gifs in WhatsApp in just a new tap. Similarly, they can also choose another file category and delete it, all files belonging to that category will be deleted from the WhatsApp freeing up space.

This new feature gives the option to easily remove the media files but doesn’t let users browse the media they wish to delete. It is helpful in such a situation, that if you want to delete a certain media file from a group without deleting the complete chat.

Another option this new feature will provide is the thumbnail of all the content which you wish to delete. All the content is a group in categories and you will also see the group of content naming “Forwarded many times” and “Larger than 5 MB.” it will help users to easily define which content they need in future and which content is useless or unwanted.

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