WhatsApp Business Could Ask Users to Pay For Linking Extra Devices

The business version of WhatsApp – WhatsApp business is reportedly planning to commercialize for a support that will let users link more than four devices.

WabetaInfo says that a paid subscription to WhatsApp business could let business users hook up upto 10 devices at a time, which is currently limited to just 4 devices. Also, WhatsApp is redesigning the Linked Devices screen for the business client.

WhatsApp Business Paid Subscription

With over two billion active users worldwide, WhatsApp is undoubtedly the popular instant messenger today. With this popularity, many businesses are trying to reach their potential customer through WhatsApp, to sell goods and communicate offers regularly.

Observing this, Meta has been inducing new features to WhatsApp business client consistently, with payment services and product listing categories set in recently. But, the company is also thinking to monetize the asset by asking business users to pay for linking more devices to one account.

Currently, a WhatsApp business account can be used on four different devices simultaneously, and the touted paid subscription can offer to hook up to ten devices! This is fairly a good offer, as the more number of devices using the same business account is better, considering that anyone from the business will be available at any time to chat with the customer.

But again, WhatsApp is most unlikely to implement this, as many of it’s rivals are offering it for free! This should make sense, as offering simple business tools shouldn’t be behind a paywall. If did, it may push businesses to pick alternatives, even though WhatsApp is where their customers flock around.

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