WhatsApp Chat Transfer From iOS to Android 12 Smartphones is Live
WhatsApp Chat Transfer From iOS to Android 12 Smartphones is Live

Years after hearing the community’s plea, Google and WhatsApp worked together to make chat transfers from iOS to Android possible.

Google announced yesterday the support for shifting all the WhatsApp chats including media, from your iPhone to the latest Android 12 smartphone. This can be done through a USB cable easily and is promised to be safe during the transfer.

WhatsApp Chats From iOS to Android

WhatsApp is one of the toughest apps to settle with when you’re switching to a new phone of a different OS. Both the iOS and Android communities have long been demanding the support of chat transfer over different OS platforms.

And WhatsApp is finally working on it. The Facebook-owned instant messenger has earlier trailed this with Samsung, to let iOS users transfer their WhatsApp chats from iPhone to a Samsung smartphone. And now, it’s available to all the latest Android handsets.

This is brought to you by Google, who announced the support yesterday that iOS users can now transfer their WhatsApp chats to an Android 12 smartphone easily. This happens with a USB Type-C cable plugged into your Android device, and the other end lightning cable to an iPhone.

Upon this cable connection, open WhatsApp on your Android device and scan a QR code shown on it, with your iPhone. This will prompt you to authorize the transfer of chats with just a snap. Else, you can try navigating to Settings > Chats > Move Chats to Android if scanning the QR code isn’t possible.

Google assured that the chats are secured while transferring, and none can access them in transit. Also, the transfer process will make sure that no message is sent to the old device while in progress. While this is a moment to rejoice, the support for transferring WhatsApp chats from Android to iOS is yet to come.

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