WhatsApp Users Can Soon Leave Groups Without Notifying Others

To let users hide things in a smart way, WhatsApp has introduced a blur tool on it’s iOS app’s drawing editor last year. And after a long wait, this feature is coming to WhatsApp for Android.

The blur tool is seen in WhatsApp for Android beta version and lets users scrub on the parts of an image where they wanted to hide. Also, there are two new pencils of different thicknesses added to the WhatsApp Android client in this beta update.

Blur Tool in WhatsApp Android

Apart from regular text chatting, WhatsApp is widely being used for exchanging media content. Be it images, voice notes, or videos, WhatsApp is the major platform most people around the world use for quick transferring of multimedia. So it’s the responsibility of the platform to provide them with all the tools they require for smooth exchanges.

In this pursuit, we’ve seen WhatsApp adding a blur tool to it’s iOS client last year, letting users blur things in an image before sending it to someone. Now, we see this tool coming to the Android version of WhatsApp too. Traces of this tool were initially seen since WhatsApp beta version but finally brought live in beta version

Blur Tool in WhatsApp Android. Source: WaBetaInfo

According to WaBetaInfo who uncovered it, the new blur tool will let users draw over desired sections of an image, to pixelate whatever is behind it. Be it a phone number, address or any other sensitive information, blurring things is all we need to do sometimes.

This tool is available in the drawing section of WhatsApp’s latest Android beta as of now, and may soon come to a stable channel. Also, the beta v2.22.7.1 brings a couple of new pencils with different thicknesses, to have more freedom in the drawing. This feature is still in development and isn’t functional yet. So installing the beta won’t make it fully functional.

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