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To let users of a group seek answers in a better way, WhatsApp is seen testing a poll option in it’s iOS client. This would let anyone in the group create a poll and seek responses through votes.

A screenshot shown by WaBetaInfo explains that the poll maker will initially be asked a question and few answers relevant to that for creating a poll. And the voting responses made by group participants will be seen only by them, and none outside of it.

Voting Polls in WhatsApp Group

WhatsApp is Testing a Polling Feature For Group Users

Ever wished of having an easy method to know everyone’s quick responses in a WhatsApp group? Situations like planning a trip or feedback on something that happened is when you may want to know simple responses from your friends. And having a text chat on that in a WhatsApp group makes it a mess. Especially, if that group has hundreds of members.

Thus, WhatsApp is testing a new voting feature, where it will let the group members create a poll and seek responses from others in the same group. As seen by WaBetaInfo in a WhatsApp iOS version, a new feature to make polls within group chats is found.

Members who’re creating polls will be asked a question and a few answers to be selected by the others in the group chat. All the votes (responses) recorded will only be seen by the group members after the poll ends. Though it’s now seen in the iOS version of WhatsApp, the platform may soon bring it to the Android counterparts too.

While WhatsApp is testing such essential group features now, its rivals like Telegram and Meta’s Messenger are having it for years and been actively used by large groups for community feedback.

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