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There has been news that the popular instant messaging app WhatsApp is developing a new desktop app for both Windows and macOS.

We can use WhatsApp on Windows and macOS as the service is available for these platforms for quite a long time. But it is only a web version of the mobile app with trimmed-down features. This is about to change as the new app is coming for both platforms soon.

The news comes from a publication from Italy that states that Meta-owned WhatsApp is now developing a completely new application for Windows and macOS.

The Italian publication also shared the screenshots and GIFs giving some details about the upcoming desktop application.

WhatsApp windows app

The new application is based on Universal Windows Platform or UWP, which will also allow the new application to work on Xbox. The UI of the app is inspired by the newly launched Windows 11. A semi-transparent theme and rounded corners can be seen from the gifs, which is similar to Windows 11.

Just like other windows and macOS apps, users will receive all the new notifications even if the new WhatsApp application is closed. The app also takes just one second to load when users start it.

WhatsApp windows app

There is a drawing feature on the app that is a great addition as well that is very useful for devices with touch screens. The app settings menu will have six categories i.e., General, Account, Chats, Notifications, Storage, and Help. The first look of the app looks like a skype Windows app with the addition of a WhatsApp conversation bubble from the mobile app.

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