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WhatsApp has started testing multi-device supports, and this feature is only limited to beta testers as of now. It is a highly requested feature from the users of this instant messaging service.

In June, Mark Zuckerberg, who owned WhatsApp, confirmed that they started working on multi-device support. Now, the app has started rolling out this new feature to its limited number of beta testers.

Many users are keenly waiting for this feature, and finally, WhatsApp has listened to them. This feature allows users to use the messaging app on multiple devices at a time. Furthermore, the app claims that this feature will also work when the user’s phone battery has run out.

WhatsApp Multi-Device Support:

In a blog post, WhatsApp parent company Facebook announced that they started rolling this new feature. According to the company, users can use WhatsApp on four different devices with this new feature. Out of four devices, three devices can be non-smartphone devices. It means users can use the app on their smartphones as usual. And along with their smartphones, they can use it for the other three devices. Other devices include Web app, Windows, Mac and Linux Pc or maybe some tablet.

The company has to rebuild the new architecture and design system to bring multi-device support to life. However, this new feature doesn’t impact the app’s privacy features and end-to-end encryption features. Both these features remain in their place as the company implements multi-device support.

The app also enables data syncing with multiple devices like contact names, messages, stared messages, and archived news. Another exciting element of multi-device support is that each device will connect with WhatsApp independently.

How to enable Multi-device Support feature:

As mentioned earlier, this feature is limited to very few beta testers as of now. But soon, the feature will be available to all users once they complete the test. If you are a beta tester and you have updated your app, you can access the feature through the following method:

Open WhatsApp on your smartphone.

Tap three dots on the top right corner.

Select the linked devices option from the menu list.

Select Multi-Device Beta option (This option is only available to the beta tester as of now).

Tap on Join Beta

Now, go back and Tap on “Link a Device.”

Scan the QR code to another device to link it to your WhatsApp.

Your device will link to another device.

The best part of this feature is that you don’t need your smartphone connected to the internet(always) for this feature to work.

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