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image: Mark Zuckerberg

WhatsApp is updating it’s message reaction feature nearly two months after it’s global rollout. Initially, users were restricted to only six basic emojis which are thanks, sad, love, like, laugh, and surprise.

The company CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that now users can use any emoji as a reaction to messages. In a post on it’s Instagram handle, Zuckerberg announced that this feature has been rolling out for all users globally. In a Post, the CEO also posted some emojis which include a sunglass smiley, french fries, a man surfing, the 100 percent symbol, and a robot face. In a Facebook Post Mark Zuckerberg said, “We’re rolling out the ability to use any emoji as a reaction on WhatsApp.”


WhatsApp officially rolled out the message reaction feature in May after testing it for nearly four years. The feature is not new as many other messaging apps already offer this feature. Rival apps like Slack, Telegram, and iMessage had this feature for quite some time even before WhatsApp. WhatsApp sister apps like Instagram and Facebook Messenger also had this feature for quite some time. Previously, there was news that users can use any emojis as a message reaction but the company initially offered only six emojis.

The feature is similar to use, as users have to long-press a certain message to whom they want to react and six emojis along with a plus icon will appear. Users have the option to select from the six predefined emojis or they can tap on the plus icon and select emojis from the list that appears.

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