WhatsApp has finally rolled out an instant cryptocurrency payment feature for a limited number of users in the United States. The chat app has been working on its digital payment service for the past two years.

The cryptocurrency payment feature is only made possible through the Novi integration on WhatsApp. Novi is the digital wallet service owned by WhatsApp parent Meta.

The integration of Novi into the instant messaging app will let users send and receive an unlimited amount of money instantly without any fees or service charges to their contacts.

The transaction will only be made in Pax Dollar cryptocurrency or USPD which equals the amount of US Dollar.

This feature is only for the limited number of users in the United States as mentioned before and users don’t need to update their app to use this feature. To use this feature just click on the attachment or paper clip in Android or the “+” icon in iOS. Then select the payment option from the menu that appears. It is important to note that to make the transactions users must have a Novi account.

The transactions will only be made in USPD which users can withdraw in their bank account in the form of US Dollars without any fees.

Currently, the chat app said that there is no limit to the number of transactions for users meaning users in the United States can make unlimited transactions. And there is also no fee to keep any amount in the Novi account.

The addition of Novi integration in the chat app has also no effect on the end-to-end encryption on messages in WhatsApp which is enabled by default.

This Novi integration seems that the US is the next target for WhatsApp payment after the chat app launched a payment service in India.

If you live in the United States and want to know how the payment feature works then the Novi website gives detail on how to send payments on the chat app.

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