WhatsApp is working on a new update for it’s desktop app that will add a dedicated call tab for users on their WhatsApp desktop app. The update is a continuation of the call feature that the app added on it’s desktop app last year. With this, it will be easier for the user’s to make a voice call or a video call from the desktop.

The feature was spotted recently by WABetaInfo on the WhatsApp beta version 2.2246.4.0 for Windows. The beta update includes a new dedicated call tab in the sidebar where users have their call history as well as they can make audio or video calls to other users just like they do on their mobile devices.

However, there is no option to see the call history of synced devices nor can users see the call history of calls made by the desktop app on their mobile devices. This might be because the feature is in the beta stage as of now. In the future users might be able to see their call history on all their synced devices.


WhatsApp introduced an Audio and video call feature for it’s desktop app last year. Users can make calls to any number from the desktop app and they can also resize the app window during the call. However, the call feature on the desktop app is available for individual chats and is not available for group chats. Users just have to open a chat window on the desktop app and click on the phone icon at the top to make a call just like the mobile version.

The new call tab is available on the beta version only for a few users. The global availability of this new feature is unclear at the moment so we just have to wait for Meta to roll this feature globally.

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