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WhatsApp is seen testing the ‘Document sharing ETA’ feature on it’s latest Android and iOS clients, after making it available for the desktop beta app users for a while now.

With this support, users will be able to see the status of their upload or download of a file in both percentage and estimated time, letting them make arrangements accordingly. This is particularly useful when sharing large files, which needs a status bar and estimates when it’s going to be completed.

Estimated Time for Sharing a Document

Facing stiff competition from rivals, WhatsApp has been testing and rolling out new features more frequently than ever. The platform has added emojis reactions to messages, new drawing tools for editing a picture, and a background playback feature for voice messages.

And now, it’s adding up a Document sharing ETA support, which should help users in estimating the total time a file takes to be shared. Whether it’s an upload to WhatsApp servers or a download to our devices, files of large sizes need some kind of status bar for tracking their sharing.

whatsapp ETA feature

And with the recently rolled out 2GB limit for media sharing, this will make ETA support much more required. Though the increased data cap is limited to Argentina users currently, it will be rolled out to everyone globally, soon. The support for document sharing ETA is discovered in the iOS beta (v22.8.0.74) and Android beta (v2.22.8.11) versions.

Although, this feature has been available in the WhatsApp for desktop beta (v2.2209.3) for quite a time. May WhatsApp bring it to the stable channel soon, users can see the percentage of files being uploaded/downloaded alongside the time it may take to complete the transfer.

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