WhatsApp Users May Soon be Able to Upload Voice Status

Since Google announced to limit the free storage of Google Drive to WhatsApp, the chat platform has come up with a plan to tackle this issue – by letting users export their chats from the Drive.

This would save the limited Google Drive storage for users while also allowing them to host their chat backups on something better. Also, WhatsApp is seen testing a new way to view status updates, similar to Instagram Stories.

Exporting WhatsApp Chat Backups

With WhatsApp becoming a daily driver for many today, backing up chats becomes an important part of it. The platform is made to back up chats regularly to Google Drive, where it’ll be able to download back onto a new device when the user registers the same WhatsApp account.

But, Google Drive’s free tier has a limited storage capacity of 15GB, which Google said in January this year that it’ll limit the storage for WhatsApp backups! Thus, WhatsApp is now working on letting users transfer their backups from Google Drive to any other external storage service.

This support was spotted in WhatsApp beta v2.22.13.11, where WaBetaInfo noted that a new option is added at the bottom of the backup settings screen to let users export WhatsApp data from Google Drive. We may find a similar option to import the data to a new device too.

Aside from this, the beta v2.22.13.9 is adding support for viewing status updates in a new way on WhatsApp. Similar to how we view status updates on Instagram – by tapping on the profile icon of a person to open their recent status – WhatsApp too will let users view status updates in the same way soon.

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