WhatsApp to Soon Allow Users Hide Their 'Online' Status From Contacts

In the pursuit of offering more control over your online privacy, WhatsApp is working to block selected people from viewing the online status of users.

This is an addition to the last month’s hide last seen feature, where users are allowed to block certain people from viewing their profile picture, details, and last seen status. Now, the hiding of online status has been spotted on the WhatsApp iOS beta client.

Hiding WhatsApp Online Status

Competing with rival messengers, WhatsApp is aggressively rolling out new features almost every month. We’ve already seen it’s prioritizing group chats, and business clients and making the chat migration process easier to lure more users in.

And now, we see the platform working on a number of privacy tools to entice privacy-focused users. Last month, WhatsApp revealed a new feature option called “My Contacts Except” – which allows users to block selected people from viewing their Profile Photo, About, and Status.

And now, it’s working on an addition to block the “online” status too for those selected contacts. This is spotted by WaBetaInfo in WhatsApp’s latest iOS beta client, where an option to block the online status too is included.

This avoids those selected people from seeing when you come online and thus can ignore seeing or replying to their messages. Though it was spotted on the iOS beta client, we shall soon see this on the Android and web versions too.

Although WhatsApp is working on it now, this feature has been available on rival messengers for quite a time. This made privacy-focused users either switch platforms for such real private messaging, or try various workarounds to hide contacts from viewing your last seen or profile picture.

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