WhatsApp to Soon Let Users Edit a Sent Message

After bringing a range of new functionalities, WhatsApp is finally working on an important feature – editing sent messages.

This was spotted on the WhatsApp beta for Android and would be coming to more iOS and desktops later. Initial screenshots revealed how this feature would work, with more details on this yet to be known.

Editing Messages in WhatsApp

For a long, WhatsApp users have been begging the platform to introduce support for editing sent messages. Since it’s common that people generally commit errors, they wished the platform has a feature to edit such mistaken texts.

But all this time, they were forced to use asterisk along with the correct text in their next message, in order to convey what exactly they previously sent. In ultimate cases, they’d delete the entire message sent and resend a corrected version.

To remove this hassle, WhatsApp may soon let users edit a sent message, and have them corrected right there itself. This support was seen in the beta version of Android and could be soon coming to iOS and desktop variants later.

As per the screenshots shared by WaBetaInfo, users need to tap and hold on to the sent message to open the three-dot menu, where they can find the edit option alongside the copy and info options. Tapping on edit will let you correct the message and resend it.

Editing Sent Messages in WhatsApp-min

While it’s working fine, we’re unsure about the time window of this feature – until when a user is allowed to edit a message. Also, there may not be an edit history to check the previous versions of edited messages! Well, since this is still in development phase, we expect WhatsApp to do something about it.

Initial leaks about WhatsApp working on an edit feature date back to 2017, when the platform’s Android client version 2.17.26 had this work but eventually dropped for some reason. Although, WhatsApp’s rival Telegram has had this feature for quite some time.

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