WhatsApp to Soon Let You Mute Calls From Unknown Numbers

WhatsApp is reportedly working on a new option to let users block calls from unknown people automatically, giving peace to the users.

This feature is still in development and has no timeline of when it will be available for the general public or even testing. But it’s expected to be embraced by a large group of people since it’s required support, especially after the launch of the Communities feature.

Silencing Unknown Callers

With WhatsApp gradually turning itself into a business offering, users are often being contacted by unknown people for marketing their products. There can be a number of ways people can reach you on WhatsApp. As if this wasn’t enough, the platform has recently added the Communities feature – which will let anyone make a community for some purpose and share updates in a streamlined manner.

While it’s fairly helpful, for the sake of being in a community – your phone number can be viewed and contacted by anyone from the same community, even though you don’t know them! Since the risk of spam calls is evident, WhatsApp is working on a new feature to avoid them.

As noted by WaBetaInfo, WhatsApp is testing an option to silence calls coming from unknown numbers. This is a needed feature amidst the growth of features like Communities and Newsletter – where they only make the feed messier for the users.

When available, this option will be available in the app’s Settings. Though it automatically blocks the calls coming from unknown numbers, you can still see them listed in the Call History section and in the notification center – letting you be aware of who tried to reach you.

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