WhatsApp Users Can Soon Leave Groups Without Notifying Others

WhatsApp groups are a mess, especially if you have most of the participants conversing actively. And anyone leaving a group chat abruptly triggers unwanted reactions.

Thus, WhatsApp is working on a support that will let users exit a group chat without notifying all the members with system messages as we see now. Instead, it will only notify the group admins. This is useful and was seen in WhatsApp for the desktop app.

Leaving The Mob Without Making Any Noise

Since simple and quick, WhatsApp became one of the popular platforms for group discussions for people all over the world. And WhatsApp increasing the group size limit to 512 people is a boost to such communities.

While it’s good to be connected, being together always may sometimes create unnecessary problems. Thus, people tend to leave group chats often. And whenever there’s someone leaving a group, WhatsApp sticks a system message in the chat saying that a certain person has left the chat.

This may trigger the others to approach the left participant and make him explain his actions. To avoid such unnecessary stuff, WhatsApp is testing new support that ditches such system notifications in group chats, whenever someone leaves it.

This was spotted by WaBetaInfo in WhatsApp for the desktop app, and may soon come to the iOS and Android versions too. While the other regular participants aren’t informed about a person’s exit, the group admins will be notified.

This is important in some situations at least, thus can’t be avoided. This support was previously announced by WhatsApp alongside the Communities feature and is now being tested in the desktop beta channel.

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