WhatsApp Users Can Soon Leave Groups Without Notifying Others

After emojis reactions to messages and new tools in the editor, WhatsApp is seen testing a new feature in its latest beta – an increased limit for media file size.

This is been upgraded from the current 100MB to 2GB, letting WhatsApp users share large files in one go. This support is currently available for a few beta users of Android and iOS, in Argentina only. Also, there’s a new indicator implying the end-to-end encryption status of calls in call history.

An Increased Media File Size Limit

In the last couple of months, we’ve seen WhatsApp adding support for emojis reactions to messages, new tools in image editing, and polling options in groups, which are all available in the rival messengers like Telegram for a long time.

And WhatsApp is now adding yet another important feature that’s already available on Telegram, in the latest beta version of both Android and iOS clients. And it’s the increased limit for the media file size of up to 2GB.

As of now, WhatsApp users are currently limited to sending only media files of up to 100MB. So increasing it to a 2GB limit is appreciated. Although, there could be a few disadvantages like increasing the spread of piracy if used by fraudsters. For such instances, Telegram is now a home for thousands of such piracy-sharing groups and has been receiving takedown notices constantly.

Yet, this could be a useful feature too for legitimate users, who otherwise are forced to find other mediums to share large files. This increased limit for media file size is noted by a Spanish blog named Xatakandroid, and later by WaBetaInfo, in the Android beta,, and and iOS beta

Further, it’s only being tested with a few users in Argentina and may roll out to others soon. Also, WhatsApp is seen laying an indication in call history saying as “Your personal calls are end-to-end encrypted” in the latest beta. This is to reassure users that neither WhatsApp nor Meta can see them.

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