The Cult Of The Lamb

The Cult of the lamb is an amazing action-adventure game that has already taken over gamers. The game is developed by Massive Monsters and published by Developer Digital. Before knowing about the best crown upgrade of this game, let’s have a look at the game as a whole.

Few words about The Cult of the lamb

In this exciting game, the players need to take over a lamb and form their own cult. The players can have control over the evil deity. Players will need to protect their own bases and, construct buildings, statues, food sources and provide the cult with every necessary item. Upgradation is a must for all these duties that you have to follow. As a player, you will gain followers for your cult and take down the bishop when you go through the world. The game is so interesting and full of exciting twists that it quickly became famous. If you are willing to play this game or are just a beginner who has just started playing this game, you will need to know about the upgrades you can get. Some players are still confused about which crown upgrade is the best in the game. We will discuss here the best crown upgrades you can get and how you can use them to choose the correct crown when it is needed depending on your condition. Let’s dig in.

How many crown updates are there in the game?

There are 4 crown upgrades in the game, and for each one, you will need to invest one Heretic heart. Not all are same; they come with different powers and advantages so that you can provide your cult with everything needed. We’ll discuss each of the crown upgrades, but before that, you will need to know how you can unlock those upgrades in your game.

How To Unlock Crown Upgrades?

You’ll be able to unlock the crown upgrades through progressing in the story. These upgrades are incorporated as the main parts of the story, so you will not miss any of them. It means that you will not need to worry about how you can unlock those updates. And instead of that, you will have to worry about how you can use these upgrades for your benefit. We’ll discuss that.

We’re not done yet with this point, as there is something more to mention. We’ve already mentioned the bishops that you need to slay. There are 4 Bishops in the game, and they are also important milestones of the game. You cannot encounter them immediately after you start playing the game, but you will have to do that as the story progresses. After slaying them, you will get access to their territories. Here, you have another responsibility: making the territory vacant and facing the ominous creatures.

After slaying a Bishop, you will get it’s Heretic heart as a reward, and you will need to invest one heart to get one upgrade. That’s why there are 4 Bishops in the game, as you will get 4 upgrades throughout the game.

As we promised to give you the best suggestions for the game, it is suggested that you should always upgrade to the best crown whenever you get the first chance after getting your first Heretic heart by slaying Leshy by going through the Dark wood. For the second Heretic heart, you will need to slay Heket by going to Anura. For the third one, it is important to defeat Kallamar in Anchordeep, and for the last heart, you will need to face Shamura in Silk Cradle.

What are the crown upgrades in the Cult of the lamb?

There are 4 upgrades that you can go for. Here we have mentioned all of them.

  • Resurrection

Resurrection is the first upgrade you will get when upgrading your red crown in the game. This upgrade will offer you a second chance on the battlefield if you die. One thing that must be mentioned is that the revival will cost you one follower. It means that to get a second chance in a battle, you will need to sacrifice your one follower, and you have to think about it while making the decision.

  • The Hunger

If you are repeatedly getting trapped into hostile territories and are more prone to take a lot of damage, this update can efficiently boost your defense and be the perfect upgrade you can use during the game. Once you get the upgrade by sacrificing your Heretic heart, it will allow you to get a blue heart for a meal everyday. So, whenever you eat a meal in a day, you will automatically receive a blue heart that cannot be accumulated. With this upgrade, you will have amazing health with a better defense, but one thing you should keep in mind is that it will not give you a second life.

  • Omnipresence

This crown upgrade can bring you huge benefits in the game as this will allow you to teleport back instantly to your base no matter where you are in your journey. You can also apply this by pressing Q on your keyboard in case of emergency. With this upgrade, you can safely return to your base without needing to track back. You should remember that every time you use this, you will get a decrease of 15% in the items.

  • Darkness Within

It is another crown upgrade of the game that will give you the power to focus on crusades and take a lot of damage. Using this crown upgrade, you will get a black-colored heart, also known as the diseased heart, in the game. You’ll receive the heart at the start of every crusade.

Which upgrade should one choose in the game?

We’ve already mentioned all the 4 upgrades in the game, but it is completely up to you which upgrade you will choose and which strategy you will follow. Here we have also mentioned which upgrade can bring you which kind of benefits, and to be very honest, each upgrade is necessary for the gameplay.

Which crown upgrade is the best?

As we have said before that each of the upgrades is very important, but if you are confused about which upgrade you should go for after receiving your first Heretic heart, we will suggest going for Omnipresence, as you can use it in emergencies to escape the place and get back to your base safely. So do not worry about dying or getting wounded. You can return to your base if you are done with everything in the crusade or if anything goes wrong. Also, it should be mentioned that players who use this upgrade are less likely to die in the game as they can escape any situation easily.

On the other hand, if you are one of those players who love to fight or get trapped in unwanted situations often, the resurrection crown update can be a good choice for you.


The Cult of the Lamb is one of the most famous games in the recent market that comes with interesting characters and features. Here, you will be able to establish your own cult as well as a base. Not only that but here you will also be able to enjoy the exciting fights.

Hope this article has helped you and you have understood which crown update can bring you benefit.

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