Spotify Keep Pausing

Spotify is one of the best and widely used audio streaming services. Since 2006, the well-known audio streaming service Spotify has provided its services to enthusiasts of music and podcasts worldwide. Spotify’s music and social sharing features are why around 350 million people like to use it monthly. But the overall experience becomes unpleasant when songs pause and buffer repeatedly. After a stressful day, no one will appreciate being pushed while listening to music. You may be wondering why your Spotify keeps pausing and how it can be fixed? We have covered all the possibilities to resolve the issue in this post.

Keep reading this post, and you’ll soon be able to listen to pleasant music without experiencing any sort of trouble.

The reasons why Spotify keep pausing

The Spotify audio may stop for several causes, or the Spotify app may fail. Unauthorized use, low power mode, slow internet connectivity, corrupted cache files, server failures, and other factors might all be responsible for the problem.

Fix the Spotify keep pausing problem

Let’s talk about the fixes to Spotify’s frequent pauses. If you’re facing breaks while using Spotify on your device, check out the following quick fixes:

Disable low power mode

It’s possible to experience Spotify pauses on your mobile devices when it is set to low power mode to save battery life. Auto-mail recovery, background app refresh, and download pausing are frequently disabled in low power mode. Some apps might not function as intended in this condition since your phone will restrict background activities to conserve battery life.

For Android

The following steps may be used to disable Power Saving Mode on Android devices:

Navigate to the Settings menu

Then select Battery and Device

Click the Battery option

Turn off the Power Saving switch

For iOS

You may disable Low Power Mode by performing the following if you use an iOS and Spotify continues failing on your iPhone:

Navigate to the Settings menu

After selecting Battery, turn off the low power mode option.

Switch Off Your Device

Spotify’s frequent pausing issue could be resolved by turning off and restarting your phone. Keep your phone’s “Power” button down for a while. The device will then allow you to restart or turn it off.

This may work because we frequently have several programs open and running in the background, which makes it challenging for other programs to function.

Consequently, when your phone is rebooted, memory will be released. If Spotify isn’t functioning correctly on your device after doing this, move on to the following technique.

Reset your Internet connection

Another frequent reason for Spotify to discontinue functioning while in use is a poor internet connection. A strong internet connection is required for music streaming applications to play music without pausing or buffering.

However, if your internet connection is causing issues, Spotify can abruptly discontinue running. If so, turn off your device’s internet connection and then turn it back on to reconnect to the connection.

Moving closer to your router or joining a new Wi-Fi network might help you get a better internet connection. Additionally, consider using a Wi-Fi connection instead of a mobile data connection.

Sign out from every device

When your Spotify account is being used simultaneously on two different devices, it is one of the most frequent causes of pauses. Suppose another person is logged into the account simultaneously; your audio will pause each time they click “play” on their device.

To resolve this, sign out from all devices which may be accessing your Spotify account by doing the following steps:

By login into your Spotify account through your browser and going to the Profile page, you can access your Spotify Account Overview.

Scroll down to the bottom to get the option to Sign out from all devices.

Upgrade the Spotify application

Periodically, your Spotify music may keep discontinuing. This problem may arise if your Spotify applications are outdated. Verify to see if your app has received an update. If it isn’t, follow the instructions on your Play Store to upgrade the app.

On your smartphone, access the Play Store

Type “Spotify” into the search box

If an update is readily available, click Update, and your application will be upgraded.

Consistently updating your software will help you avoid unwanted bugs.

Reinstall after uninstalling

Often the problem is caused by corrupted or out-of-date data. You may get rid of it by clearing all Spotify cache and saved data, uninstalling the software, and then reinstalling it for a flawless experience.

For iOS users of the Spotify app

Access Spotify on your iPhone, go to the Home page, and click the Settings option.

Select Storage by scrolling the page

Tap the “Delete Cache” button to confirm.

To stop Spotify from pausing, confirm deleting the cache.

Return to your Home Screen when this is finished, then long-press the Spotify app.

Long touch the app to delete and fix Spotify that is unresponsive.

A “Delete” option will appear once you tap it.

Download and reinstall Spotify by going to the iOS App Store.

For PCs running Windows

Navigate to the local disk or “C” drive

Next, choose the “[Username]” folder under “Users.”

Select “AppData” followed by “Local.”

Locate “Spotify,” then pick and remove the “Storage” folder.

Head to the “Start Menu” and choose “Settings.”

Choose “Apps” and then “Spotify” on your desktop.

Press “Uninstall”

To fix Spotify pausing, uninstall the application software.

Reinstall Spotify by going to the Microsoft Store after that.

For Android smartphones running the Spotify app

On your Android smartphone, go to Settings.

Click “Apps.”

Look out for “Spotify” and then click on it.

Then click “Clear Cache” under “Storage.”

After erasing the data, select “Uninstall” to complete the process.

Redownload and install Spotify from the Google Play Store to enjoy music without pausing.

Inspect any corrupt SD cards

Your device may have read/write problems if your SD card is corrupt. In particular, if the SD card is set to be your internal Storage, it could no longer be detected as a storage device.

Follow the steps to fix the issue:

Turn off your smartphone

Take out the SD card carefully

If possible, clean the SD card’s location and blow or brush off the surfaces to eliminate dust.

Reinstall the SD card after that

Disable data saving mode

When Data Saver mode is active, it limits how much data your apps can consume, conserving mobile data. Clear audio playback is hampered by this setting’s slowing down of your internet connection.

Use these steps to see if Data Saver mode is on:

Click the Settings icon in the Spotify app on your mobile device.

To disable your Data Saver, turn it off.

Offline Music Playback

You may download tracks and play them offline if accessing music through Spotify over the internet is difficult. Playing music offline stops problems like spontaneous pauses and slowness while saving data.

To download music from Spotify, follow these instructions:-

Choose the podcast or music you wish to download

The music will instantly download and be stored in your Liked Songs playlist if you touch or else click the heart icon next to the song’s title.

You can download a whole playlist by selecting download after hitting the three dots. All downloaded music and podcasts can be found in the Your Library section.

Songs may be downloaded quickly and with little data usage, even with a poor internet connection. However, remember that you cannot download songs from Spotify unless you have a premium membership.

Spotify troubleshooting

Spotify on Windows may be troubleshot if it stops operating and fixes slight glitches and problems.

Here is how to go about it:

Click the Start menu to access Settings

Click Update & Security. Select Troubleshoot from the menu.

Click View troubleshooting history, followed by Additional troubleshooters.

Select Program Compatibility Troubleshooter from the options. Scroll down and choose to Find and solve more problems.

Tap on “Run the troubleshooter.”

Windows prompts you to select software. Click on Next after selecting Spotify.

Start the troubleshooting procedure after applying the recommended settings.

A few additional recommendations

Along with the solutions outlined above, there are a few additional considerations that you should consider since they are essential in solving the problem of Spotify pausing on your device.

So let’s look at this:

Depending on your device compatibility, always check out for the most recent update to the Spotify app.

Verify whether your device has any storage problems.

Remember that every app needs enough storage space on your device to operate effectively.

Suppose you want to increase the amount of storage on your smartphone. In that case, you may also consider installing an external SD card.


The most superior music streaming service currently available is Spotify. It could occasionally fail to meet acceptance criteria, but if you know how to fix these issues, like any other application swiftly. Then allowing a few bugs to disrupt your musical experience makes no sense in that situation.

The Spotify app frequently pauses your audio; therefore, you need to understand why if you want to enjoy a fantastic playing experience.

With the straightforward methods we’ve covered in this post, you may quickly resolve this particular pausing issue.

Furthermore, it would be beneficial if you could ensure that the software is regularly updated and that any unnecessary cache is removed. This will significantly help you in avoiding the problem of Spotify continuously pausing.

Experiencing difficulties with your Device, check out our “How To” page on how to resolve some of these issues.


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