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There are reports surfacing stating that Microsoft will be changing the windows 10 update strategy. Since the launch of Windows 10, Microsoft launches two major windows update per year. One in spring and other in autumn of the year.

Now, the company is planning to launch only one major update for the operating system per year.

This shift in strategy from the company comes due to the launch of the Windows 10x. Microsoft is now also allotting time for the development of the windows 10x which is designed for mobile PCs or tablets.

Windows 10 only get one update:

This is a big shift in the strategy from two major updates in a year to only one. Due to only one update, Microsoft will not be introducing more new features frequently as they are doing right now. However, this would be beneficial for the developers as they get more time to find bugs and test the windows. This also indicates that the windows will get fewer bugs.

This strategy of one update will not change this year. This year will get its second update which is due in October or November. This update will feature an improved start menu and some other improvements.

The new strategy will implement from the next year. Starting from the next year there is no spring or autumn update. It is expected that the only update will be received in summer.

Start updated Menu:

The windows 10 start menu is showing up to the official version of the operating system before the official launch. People were expected that the updated start menu will appear in the spring update 2021.

The new start menu has shown up in the beta version of windows 10 build number 190.42.421. Previously available for the Insider Beta Chanel for developers testing. The new start menu will be available with the next major update due in October or November.

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