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Elon Musk’s X is preparing for a “major update” to highlight smaller accounts in your home feed through a new algorithm coming this week.

Posts from these accounts will show up in your For You feed, which includes a mix of your following and popular accounts you may be interested in. This latest addition is in the pursuit of making X a creator-centric platform, by giving them the reach they deserve to earn better.

Promoting Small Creators on X

Elon Musk announced a new algorithm update coming to X that spotlights smaller accounts for better reach on the platform. When pushed, the update will seed posts from smaller accounts in your For You feed, even though you’re not following them.

Currently, For You feeds on X shows posts from those you follow and those you don’t but may like, based on your browsing tastes. Seeding smaller accounts in this feed may help them gain more engagement and money, provided these smaller accounts are subscribed to X’s Premium tier.

Over the past several months, X has introduced many new features to let creators build their audience and earn. Some of these include the ability to post more than 25,000 characters for paying users, sharing 1080p videos of 3-hour long, etc.

The platform also has the tools to craft subscriptions for exclusive content and one-on-one connections for even higher prices. All these would align with Musk’s idea of creating X into a creator platform, but it’s future is still uncertain.

And it’s mainly because of Elon Musk. Most of his shaky policies push creators to more stable platforms like YouTube, Instagram or TikTok to grow financially and with these platforms having reliable partnerships with advertisers, unlike X, they’re the go-to places for creators and users.

As Elon Musk strives to turn X into a similar social media platform, we shall see how it’s future will be shaped in the coming years. The new algorithm update for highlighting smaller accounts will be rolling out in the next few days, says Musk, which could be this week. He also intends to open-source the algorithm as it undergoes continuous improvement.

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