Xbox One S: News, specs, Price, release date

Xbox One S: News, specs, Price, release date

So the rumours have been confirmed, and an upgraded version of the Xbox One, “The Xbox One Slim” is on the way. Being featured at E3 press conference this year, The Xbox One S will feature a reduction in size compared to its predecessor, it will be 40% smaller than current Xbox One System, will supports UltraHD(4K) resolution output, A 2TB hard drive(optional), HDR(visuals). This new version of Xbox One will pact a lot of hardware enhancements or changes to support new functionality. This will be one of the most compact Xbox ever made.




What’s new in The Xbox One S:

  1. Depending on the SKU, The Xbox One S Offers up to 2TB storage
  2. The ‘On’ button on the front of the console will now be physical, instead of being touch sensitive.
  3. The New Xbox Wireless Controller will feature Bluetooth connection and a new design to its hardware.
  4. Will be smaller than current Xbox One(40% smaller) and feature a new “white” color scheme.
  5. Will feature HDR visuals for supported videogames and video output, 4K video support for Blu-rays, movies/videos, applications and upscaling for games in 4K resolution.
  6. The Xbox One S will be able to stand upright with the option of using a vertical stand.
  7. The pairing button on the Xbox One S will be located at the front of the device along with one of the three USB ports on the system.
  8. The Xbox One S will also feature an IR Blaster on the front of the device, which will allow you to switch on other devices like your TV without the use of traditional remotes. This IR Blaster is also similar to the Kinect’s IR Blaster.


What the Xbox One has that the Xbox One S doesn’t:

  1. The external power supply is now internally integrated into the Xbox One S console.
  2. On the Xbox One S, the kinect port has been removed but is still capable of connecting through the use of external adapters.


What remains throughout The Xbox One S coming from the Xbox One:

  1. The HDMI port remains(High Definition Multimedia Interface).
  2. The connecting peripherals also remain.
  3. Backward compatibility for Xbox One videogames.
  4. All Xbox One games and apps are playable on The Xbox One S.





The Xbox One S will feature additional processing power in terms of hardware specifications. However there will be no performance boost for The Xbox One S for videogames. Also for native HD resolution photos there will be 4K upscaling feature that will allow your photo to be uploaded in 4K HD quality. There will be no upscaling of videogames in 4K native resolution on the Xbox One S however for current Hi-Definition video games it will upscale them to a higher resolution. 4K video streaming and playback will be on the Xbox One S and is playable through your media applications and Ultra HD Blu-ray discs.
It was confirmed at E3 Press Conference this year that there will be no performance boost for Xbox One games.


Xbox One S Price and Release Date

All release dates are To Be Announced(TBH) for each models. Coming early august the Xbox One S will be released in waves. The Xbox One S will be available in three models:

  1. 1TB edition for $349 / £299 / €349. Vertical stand sold separately for $20.
  2. 500GB edition for €299 / $299 / £249. Vertical stand sold separately for $20.
  3. 2TB Edition (includes Vertical Stand) for £349 / €399 / $399, to be release first in August 2016.


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