Haylou T16

Xiaomi continues to amaze people by launching Haylou T16 Truly Wireless Earbuds with an active noise cancellation at an affordable price of $40 for its crowdfunding company Youpin.
Just like the Xiaomi’s other TWS earbuds, this one also comes with the USB Type-C, Bluetooth 5.0 Chip, a 600mAh charging case, and a low latency mode which reduces delay while playing games.
But there are more features that made Haylou T16 unique and stand out from a similar product at this price.

Haylou TWS

Noise Cancellation:

Nowadays every good earbud comes with an active noise cancellation even Apple’s latest Airpods pro. There are two microphones on the Haylou T16 one the rear side and the other on the front side. Xiaomi states that both these microphones actively observe the surrounding sounds and then create correction signals. Both these microphones are capable of providing around 35db noise cancellation depth.

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Haylou T16 Modes

The company includes the three modes for the noise cancellation.

  • Transparent Mode: this mode is also referred to as the ambient mode. The reason for this is that this mode transmits ambient sound more accurately to the user’s ear so that the users can listen to each other.
  • Noise Cancellation Mode: The second mode is for those who want to completely focus on sound playing in their earbuds and don’t want to get disturbed. This mode completely blocks the background sound.
  • Outdoor Mode: This mode is designed to reduce environmental sounds such as birds chirping, raining, the wind blowing. This mode is helpful for those who love cycling or doing exercise outdoors.

CCAW Voice coil:

The next amazing feature of this budget earbuds is that it has a CCAW voice coil which is mostly found on the premium earbuds. The CCAW voice coil surrounds with an acoustic golden curve through which the users will be able to get High-quality sound and a good beat.

Haylou TWS2

Wireless Charging:

Xiaomi added a wireless charging in Haylou T16 earbuds making them among the few earbuds that have wireless charging. Those who want the wireless charging will have to buy the wireless charger themselves as it is not included in the box. Other than the wireless charging it can be topped up with a USB Type-C charger.

The price for this Haylou T16 truly wireless earbuds is set to be $40.


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