YouTube brings an experimental pinch to zoom features for it’s premium users. The feature will let viewers zoom into the videos even in landscape mode. The feature is currently available for YouTube premium users.

YouTube Premium subscribers always have some extra features and options than normal users. The premium users have features like background play, video download option, and picture-in-picture mode. Also, premium users always get the new features earlier than normal users as they are paying for the service.

Google first rolled out experimental features for testing purposes. After testing, most of the features were released for global users, some features were eliminated during the testing phase.

Previous, experimental features such as voice search in a browser already made their way to the official YouTube experience globally. The premium users always get more features than the normal users. There is an easier playlist management feature available for the premium users which was also part of the experimental feature.

Just like some of the above-mentioned features, YouTube has added a pinch-to-zoom feature to it’s experimental feature page. This feature is not like the already available fill-to-screen feature in landscape mode. The Pinch to zoom feature will allow users to zoom into the video using their two fingers. In this way, viewers can take a closer look at a different part of the video. The feature also works in portrait mode as well as in landscape mode.


Only premium users can avail this feature at the moment. If you are a subscriber then you can tap on your profile picture in the YouTube android app and then again tap on your premium benefit. There you will find an option called Try new features page and on that page, you can turn on Pinch to zoom feature.

This feature is a limited-time offer and will only be available till 1st September 2022 for all premium users. This is enough time for users to test this feature and give their feedback. It is unclear at the moment whether this feature will be available for premium users after 1st September or will it be available for all users globally including unpaid users.

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