YouTube Creators Can Now Make Shorts From Their Original Videos

Making the creation of short videos easier, YouTube now allows users to make Shorts out of an original long video. This support is rolling out to the YouTube Studio app on both iOS and Android clients.

Users should only make sure that the Short is at least 60 seconds long and can upload it as a fresh experience to the public. They can add local videos to the Short and even record something then and there using the camera.

Turning Long Videos into YouTube Shorts

Stepping up in the game of short-video making, YouTube added the ability to create Shorts (YouTube’s answer to TikTok) from any of your original videos. Creators who have lengthy videos in their library can easily make Shorts now through the YouTube Studio app on Android and iOS.

These mobile clients have the same tools as YouTube Studio’s web version, where users can edit their videos with music, trimming, filters, etc. Now, they can trim a video of up to least 60 seconds to release it as a Short Video.

Besides general editing, the user can add any other video from their device’s local storage or even record a new one with the Shorts camera. And a good thing here is the ability to add a link to the end of the newly created Short that’ll take the viewer to the original video for complete streaming.

This feature is now rolling to the YouTube Studio app on Android and iOS, so jump in and see what you can do.

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