YouTube is preparing the launching of the Picture-in-Picture mode for all iPhone users in the US. Picture-in-Picture mode allows users to close the app’s main window and start watching it in a small pop-up window. It is very useful for multitasking while watching YouTube videos.

Apple announced Picture-in-Picture mode support last year with the iOS 14 update. As this feature rolled out globally, many apps bring Picture-in-Picture mode support to their apps. But YouTube didn’t bring support of this feature at that time and is quite hesitant about this feature on the YouTube app on iOS. Now, the video streaming site is bringing this feature to all iPhone users in the United States, later it will be available for all users globally.

YouTube Picture-in-Picture Mode:

As stated earlier, the video streaming site is gaining support for PIP (Picture-in-Picture) Mode for iOS users in the US. In the beginning, the support will roll out to the premium users only. Later on, the feature will be available for all iOS users (both premium and non-premium) in the states with the larger update rollout. Some previous rumors suggest that this feature will only be available for Premium subscribers but now it seems like all users will get this feature.

YouTube took a long time to announce this feature for iPhone users. Previously the company announced the feature for the beta version of iOS 14.5 but made a U-turn on the final official iOS 14.5 updates. But, now it looks like that this feature will be officially available for users in the United States. We also expect that iPhone user’s in other parts of the world will also get this feature soon.

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