YouTube Creators Can Now Make Shorts From Their Original Videos

YouTube released its first-ever copyright transparency report this week, where it stated how its tools are able to tackle takedown requests from copyright holders.

It’s revealed that YouTube’s automatic copyright infringement detection tools spot over 99% of cases, whereas the public Webforms account for the rest. Also, many were seen abusing the tools by submitting fake infringing takedown requests.

YouTube First-Ever Copyright Transparency Report

YouTube's Automatic Tools Detect Over 99% of Copyright Infringements

Being the largest video-sharing platform for creative artists, YouTube is often plagued with several copyright takedown requests from rightsholders. As it’s expected to respond quickly, the Google-owned platform made three tools – Webform, Copyright Match Tool, and Content-ID available for users.

While the Webform is available for all general public, Copyright Match Tool and Content ID are available only for selected users, like the movie studios and music artists, whose works are often reposted rapidly. And these two are automatic.

YouTube said that in the first half of 2021, over 99% of reports raised on copyright infringement cases were from Content ID and the Copyright Match Tool, with Webforms contributing the rest. In terms of numbers, the Copyright Match Tool recorded over 1.6 million removal requests, while the Content ID made 722 million claims in the same period.

Also, YouTube said one of its tools – Webform is being abused by the public often, as it’s used for filing fake copyright claims. And the usage of this was on rising too, with YouTube noting it at 8%, rising more than 30 times than the other two tools.

Also, with fake assertions in place, many defenders are pushing back the infringing claims too, with YouTube supporting over 60% of cases in favor of the uploaders. You can find more details on its mechanism herein Copyright Transparency Report.

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