Zoom Patched a Critical Bug That Led to Hackers Gain Root Access

Zoom has been a great platform for video conferencing amidst this pandemic. While the service is alleged for various security issues, it’s doing everything to revert that name and boost confidence in its community. Under this, it has now introduced 2FA support to stop account breaches. Zoom details that room owners can mandate participants to set this for more security.

Zoom Introduces Two Factor Authentication In Its Platform

Zoom 2FA
Zoom 2FA

The ongoing pandemic has restricted everyone to homes, making them rely much on video conferencing platforms like Zoom. While this has been reliable service in terms of video calling features, it’s plagued with various privacy and security issues at initial stages.

But now, it’s making everything to gain all those lost hearts. It introduced end-to-end encryption for all its video calls in June this year, and now introduced two-factor authentication sign-in into its platform. Under this, users can set 2FA to have an extra layer of security, thereby avoid others to illegally access their account.

Activating two-factor authentication means Zoom will give a QR code to save, or an equivalent key to save for future use. This should be fed into an authenticator app like Google’s, Microsoft’s etc, which gives afresh OTP whenever you try to log in. If not, get an OTP from Zoom via SMS or Call. Here are the steps to enable 2FA as per Zoom,

  1. Sign in to the Zoom Dashboard
  2. In the navigation menu, click Advanced, then Security.
  3. Make sure the Sign in with Two-Factor Authentication option is enabled.
    Select one of these options to enable 2FA for:
    All users in your account: Enable 2FA for all users in the account.
    Users with specific roles: Enable 2FA for roles with the specified roles. Click Select specified roles, choose the roles, then click OK.
    Users belonging to specific groups: Enable 2FA for users that are in the specified groups. Click the pencil icon, choose the groups, then click OK.
  4. Click ‘Save’ to confirm your 2FA settings

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