Zoom emerges as a winner this year mainly because of the lockdown imposed in many parts of the world to curb COVID-19. This year the video conferencing services Zoom brings many updates to its consumers as the demand surges.

Among the updates, there is one update which allows users to change their backgrounds during a video call. This update was launched for Windows, macOS, iOS and iPadOS some months earlier. Now Zoom launched the same feature via an update for the Android users as well.

This update version is 5.3.52640.0920 and this user can now change their backgrounds using the images which zoom offers or they can upload an image from their gallery. This feature is helpful when you have to attend a video call and your background is untidy or not suitable for professional work.

Virtual Background features in the Zoom can be enabled by going into “More Option” and then selecting “Virtual Background”.

As of now, users can add only images as a virtual background in the Android, according to the Android Police. While on other Operating systems like Windows and macOS users can also add video as a virtual background.

We hope that video virtual background can also be available for the android devices in the next update.

This Zoom update also brings a few improvements to the other already available features. Such as now the calendar integration and the syncing are improved along with sharing the device audio.

Users can now also choose their own breakout room, this feature lets users break their zoom meeting into 50 sessions.

Following are the more features which will be available with the next Zoom update on the android devices.

  • General features
    • Calendar Integration sync improvement
    • Enhanced scheduling with default settings
    • Share Device Audio
    • Virtual Background support for Android
  • Meeting features
    • Self-select Breakout Room
  • Chat features
    • Hide chatbots in IM list
    • Enhanced Link Preview
    • Enhanced Search
    • Mark as Unread for images and files
  • Resolved Issues
    • Resolved issue with Breakout rooms not following the main session’s settings/restrictions
    • Minor bug fixes

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