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You will not be able to receive the first-position trophy if the games crash before you have completed a match. After you troubleshoot the problems with your game, the glory of the circle of victors comes. Apex Legends is among the best Battle Royale titles free-to-play in the industry. It was published and developed by Respawn Entertainment and EA. The game received praise because of its wonderful fluidity in the movement. Recently, it received a mobile version that was released worldwide. However, the game is not at all perfect. It has many glitches and bugs which may cause issues.

The issues are the malfunctioning of the game engine and the party leader not able to quit. Here, we concentrate on the accidental crashes that might befall Apex Legends. There are various Legends to choose such as the Bloodhound, Lifeline, and Pathfinder. You will be able to master the abilities of the legends and synergize with the rest of the players to score easy victories. But, the crashes can prove to be killjoys for the players. The crashes that we are going to discuss today are going to target the original release of this game.

Crashes in Apex Legends

In every season of Apex Legends, the gameplay loop and the ecosystem are constantly evolving. The developers are sparing no effort to dish out the seasonal updates to this game to make it feel fresh all the time. With these updates comes a multitude of balancing changes in the game. These big updates can impact the game drastically. However, in some time, this game might send the players down a rabbit hole occasionally of securing to solve its crashes. Essentially, various problems are associated with the game, whether associated with the core engine or the systems. Most of the crashes range from Infinite Loading screens and can move up to the not showing up of the data center servers. There is a high probability that the Apex legends might crash on every platform, be it PC, PlayStation, or Xbox. Multiplayer games like Apex Legends are chock of textures and assets, which makes the game suffer crashes.

Why Apex Legends crash

Presently, the game has reached its milestone of the 13th seasonal update, which brought with it some issues also. The player base on Reddit and Discord has been facing various crashes consistently since the new update’s arrival.

Graphical Settings: Though very simple, it must be specifically noted to the newer PC players. The improper graphical settings might mess up the in-game fidelity of a player so much that the key engine of the game gets disrupted. This results in the game crashing at random intervals without the players knowing about it.

Network Connection: During matches, you might sometimes face crashes. Videogames such as Apex Legends need a strong network connection and, in any case, will not tolerate weak network connections. It is performed to prevent lag-switching or hacking. The game can present minor crashes or error codes as it boosts the players out of the matches forcefully.

Outdated drivers: Most of the new games of this modern generation need you to possess the best hardware for playing them properly. So, keeping those hardware components is vital because games such as Apex Legends can run on minimal PC specifications smoothly, and keeping the drivers to support those specifications is very important.

Missing Game Files: From the start of its launch, this problem has been persistent all over Apex Legends’ life cycle. It is a recurrent issue in maximum large-sized multiplayer games. Missing or corrupt game files that are important for functioning might result in these crashes in this game.

Ways to fix crashes in the Apex Legends

Below we have mentioned many fixes that you might use to solve the various crashes found all over the game. Thanks to a hardcore community of the game, the data of these methods are mostly provided. Various players worldwide have been reporting multi-faceted crashes with codes such as “DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED” and “DXGI_ERROR_DEVIDE_HUNG”. With a few simple procedures and steps, we are going to discuss how you will be able to resolve these easily. The different methods will correlate with and highlight their respective game crashes.

Keeping the game updated with the recent patch

In live-service videogames such as Call of Duty and Destiny 2, the updates maintain the gameplay progression and the balance of the ecosystem. The aspects of the Apex Legends are evolving and constantly shifting with each patch being added to the game. These patches give a healthy update system in your files. The various patches help keep the game up-to-date with the latest software and prevent any existing crashes or errors seen before the update. You will be able to check the updates’ patch notes by moving to the official updates and news website of this game from the EA games. You can easily update the game in the Library of your Steam by enabling Auto-updates. The rest of the work will be accomplished by the launch, and you need not manually check the updates. You have to wait for the updated files to complete downloading. This will allow the game to apply the patch files in it.

Verifying the Game File Integrity on the steam

Steam has got quite an excellent feature for restoring any lost files in case of any kind of corrupted files or power outrage. This is incredibly useful as there are crashes where this game can fail to start up properly. If this is the case, the most important step is checking for the “Verify File Integrity” option on the steam launcher. Then, on your Steam Library, find Apex Legends and right-click on the given option. Then you have to choose the “Properties”. Another menu will be opened on the screen.

Next, browse to the local files option and then click on the “Verify Integrity of the game files” to start the process. Then, the files will undergo verification, and it might take several minutes on the game size. So, it is highly advisable to have patience in this procedure. Now, players need to check if any launching or start-up crashes are still prevalent in the game.

Updating the Graphics card and system drivers

Some crashes occur because of outdated device drivers. You must ensure that the drivers are updated with the recent firmware as they are a vital binding unit of the hardware and the PC devices. Depending on the versions of the Graphics driver, the performance of Apex Legends will differ immensely. To manage your system drivers, we recommend downloading Driver Booster 7. It will either be NVIDIA cards or GeForce Experience cards. You have to visit the manager manually and check and scan for any updates.

Close the interfering background apps

On some rare occasions, the apps running in the background of the desktop cause interference in the games. These may end up causing a crash discreetly in your present running games. Most gamers use the overlays for Steam and discord. Sometimes these apps tend to surge a spike in total RAM usage and might randomly register crashes in the Apex Gameplay.

Steam overlay: In the top right corner of your screen, select the “Settings” option. Uncheck the first option simply by clicking on the “in-game” menu.

Discord Overlay: You can toggle off the discord overlay by navigating to the main settings. Under the app settings, find the “Overlay” option. You will view “Enable in-game overlay”. You have to turn this option off

Repair with your easy Anti Cheat software

While installing Apex Legends, Easy Anti Cheat Software comes along with it. Essentially the software negates any cheating techniques or hacking procedures in multiplayer games. On the storage drive where the game is located, this software is also located. You need to ensure that no important apps or games are running in your background. Go to steam apps, move to common, then navigate to Apex legends and easy anti-cheat. The EasyantiCheat_setup file has to be double-clicked to initiate the software repair process. Head back in your gameplay and check for improvements.

The processor must not be overclocked

Overclocking the CPU might cause severe issues and crashes your game instantly at the main menu. We highly recommend you avoid overclocking your processor while playing Apex Legends. This game is optimized enough to run smoothly on the minimum requirements. So, clock frequency need not be increased.

Limit the usage of the total VRAM

Apex legends contain a sprawling map full of unique architecture and design. Most players tend to assume that they will be able to crack the video memory of the graphics card to the game’s maximum settings. In the game, we highly recommend using against 8GB VRAM. Every player must use at best 6GbB or 4GB for high-end graphic cards. This will improve the GPU’s life and reduce the game crashing because of texture streaming errors.

Check the network connectivity

You must improve and check your network connection. Apex Legends will constantly need every bit of bandwidth transmission for registering your gameplay “second-to-second”. Players may lag in all places with the bullets hitting the wall without stable network connectivity. All kinds of random issues may result in inadequate and unstable bandwidth in this game. Crashes may also result because of poor connectivity. We recommend you invest in a good ethernet cable connection to boost your bandwidth transmission.

Wrapping up

Progressively, Apex Legends is becoming among the top supported free-to-play games. To stabilize the core experience, various updates are pumped out by the developers each season surely but slowly. Here we have discussed various unique ways to solve some repeating crashes and issues that arise in the game for most players worldwide. It must be noted that not tampering with the graphical settings, and switching servers can provide a clean and simple experience. We hope this article will assist you in resting the case of the annoying crashes found in the game. We hope that EA and Respawn Entertainment will soon address some more technical issues associated with the game. With this, we conclude our in-detailed error fix for those inconvenient random crashes that occur in Apex Legends.

Experiencing difficulties with your Device, check out our “How To” page on how to resolve some of these issues.


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