Best Fallout Games

There have been various controversies, hate, and love surrounding the Fallout Series. Beginning from the classic RPG genre top-down and then to the modern open-world first-person games, this has come a long way after it’s release. Some Fallout games stood the test of time, whereas others are still sparking controversy. For many Fallout fans, to rank these games may be quite difficult, particularly when they have not played all of them. After trying all the games, we have compiled the full lists of the best fallout games and ranked them from best to worst. The new games may seem more visually appealing, but how the gameplay stacks up matters the most, along with the role-playing and story aspects.

Best Fallout Games

Fallout: New Vegas

Released in October 2010, Fallout: New Vegas sets a unique timeline than the other Fallout Games, but it does not fail to retain the immersive gameplay and thrills of Fallout. It is among the best RPGs all over the world. The developers, Obsidian Entertainment made the perfect Fallout game in a short period of just 18 months. Here you get to explore the vast open world. The plot begins with a revenge story for the key character and swiftly turns into one full-scale war whereby different factions are fighting for control within the city.

Taking the role of one courier in New Vegas/ Las Vegas, the player becomes a victim of the casino power play. Being shot in the head, a friendly doctor saves the player. The storyline involves new factions of Caesar’s Legion and Mr. House, Super Mutants, Brotherhood of Steel, and the NCR. You will find yourself tangled in different sorts of situations where you get to select whether you wish to involve yourself. In terms of choices, the game offers a lot so that you can create a story of your own on how you wish to play your game.

Fallout 3

Though various Fallout fanatics mentioned that the developers put a lot of emphasis on the action rather than on the narrative or storyline, you cannot deny that Fallout 3 has been among the best in this series. The introduction of 3D graphics paved the way truly for the open-world RPG genre, which the developers have hoped for this game. Fallout 3 lets the players explore the vast wastelands of Washington DC from the perspective of first-person while providing you with the experience of some brutal action. With it’s slow start, you might feel bored, particularly if you love fast-paced games, but it sets the stage for the complete game.

From the creation of your unique characters to setting up attributes for these characters, everything is done in the introduction phase. When you get out of the vault, you will view a big open world and be ready to be explored. This wasteland is filled with lots of characters, rundown buildings, and debris that will shape the story. You can meet many odd characters, both bad and good guys, find information regarding the present situation, and have conversations with them. Apart from the good combat system, also it features an innovative element named VATS that makes killing enemies easier and even more entertaining.

Fallout 2

Fallout 2 has been a classic RPG 2D game, truly defining what exactly Fallout is all about. As a sequel of this highly praised game, gamers had a lot of expectations after the release of the game, and yes, it did meet those expectations. You can call Fallout 2 an improved version of the original Fallout that got rid of every unnecessary thing from the game but kept all the important things by making them better. One thing about this game that could be better is that much of it’s effort has been put into referencing pop culture. You can see the references everywhere you visit. The game is quite solid apart from that. It has a storyline that is immersive, thus, keeping you from straying too far from the real mission. Also, it provides you with the liberty to handle things your way and shapes the story in a way you will like. With new things to discover, new engines, and new weapons, it fulfills every expectation of yours if you have ever played Fallout.

Fallout 4

After witnessing that your son has been kidnaped and your wife has been killed, you escape from the vault as the sole survivor. After spending a lot of time locked up in cryogenic stasis, the foremost thing you get to see is how much the world has changed after nuclear devastation. This latest game in this Fallout series features new graphics and elements. Set around the premises of Boston, you keep searching for your son, exploring, scavenging, and finding vast resources.

Unlike the rest of the Fallout games, in this one, a crafting system is made available. With the number of resources you have collected, a crafting system has been made available here. Like the rest of the games, there are numerous quests and actions in this one also. You level up your character, kill mutated creatures and animals, give your opinions, interact with people and explore different places. However, one disadvantage of this game is it aims a lot at the linear storyline, the ultimate goal being finding your kidnapped son. Overall, it has quite an interesting storyline.


Developed by Bethesda Softworks in October 1997, Fallout is among the classic video games which define the franchise of this game. All Fallout games started from this point, it also sets the pace for all the games. Considering that it came out in the 90s while people began to think that RPGs were dead basically, it shined the same as diamond and paved the way for many games after it. Basically, it started as the vault dweller and set out on the quest to fix the water problems in the vault. It will allow you to create a character of your own, also, pick one from the list of pre-made characters if you feel like. From classical Special Systems to Karma Systems which we can see in the modern fallout games, everything started with this game. For a game that was released over two decades ago, it had fairly large maps whereby you could interact with the characters and also finish the quests. There is more than one way to complete the quests, and every quest might play out uniquely based on your character. Nevertheless, the graphics of this game are outdated at this point, so you may need to bear with it if and when you wish to play the game.

Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel

Developed by Micro Forte, released on March 2001. Fallout Tactics has set an innovative storyline for this Fallout series without continuing this story of both the Fallout 1 and Fallout 2. This is more like one RTS game whereby you need to make strategies and manage your squad while playing. You begin with one character and recruit capable members along this way. Though you will not be able to interact much with this game’s characters, you will be able to perform with them plenty of trades. Still, it features lots of mutated creations, exploration, and action elements. But it is more linear than Fallout 1 and Fallout 2. The conversation, in some cases, is non-existent or very limited. You can make some choices but only towards the end of this game. Your decision will determine the end of the game. The gameplay is quite linear; you complete missions and move along with much more interactions with the environment. There are not any cutscenes explaining the situation. Apart from that, the storyline is quite interesting so that you do not lose your focus or get bored in the middle of the game.

Fallout 76

Fallout 76, developed by Bethesda Game Studios and released in October 2018, was made to offer players an online Fallout experience. However, the developers did not put the NPCs feature in the game that could make it interesting. Without NPCs, the game feels empty, with none to be seen for several miles. In the later updates, NPCs were added to the game. However, that was quite late. Occasionally you can meet the other players if you are lucky enough. From every perspective, it is quite an average game. The updates, missions, characters, and quests are all generic. Nothing seems to be appealing in the game.

Undoubtedly you can play quests and missions, explore the largest map and build your own base, but these are average compared to the other Fallout games. The environment does not give any Fallout vibes. Fallout games are famous for their barren land, bereft of life, where all the things are destroyed because of nuclear war, but Fallout 76 does not have that vibe. Surely, you will be able to see the effects of devastation. There are vast forests, trees, and still buildings which can take away the fun of playing the Fallout game. Over the top, in the game, the price of cosmetics is ridiculously high for any game that is not even an MMORPG.

Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter was Bethesda’s surprise release. The most interesting thing was that this game was not optimized like the regular freemium games. Definitely, there were options to buy stuff to speed up things, but the game did not take too much time between actions. While compared with the rest of the Fallout games, it is quite unsure if we can call this a Fallout game. This a just a simulation game whereby you manage people and resources in your vault. This game lacks any kind of joy and thrills that the Fallout game can provide. Most of the time, you just watch your vault dwellers perform their jobs and complain about how awful of an overseer you may be.

Occasionally, you can send your dwellers to discover the outside world and complete the quests, but it might not seem as exciting as you think. While on the quest, if your character dies, you have to face some other problem. You can expand the rooms of your vault and then build rooms with various purposes, but it becomes trouble when you have more rooms. Over the top, you need to ensure that your citizens are happy. Also, they are performing the jobs that they enjoy. You will not be able to control them directly and only can give limited instruction. This might seem to be the boring part.

Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel

Developed by Interplay Entertainment, this was generally poorly received and did not appeal to the audience. This was an action-oriented game with no elements of role-playing other than letting the players pick from the three characters. As for the story, Brotherhood of Steel was bland as well, thus making this a forgotten entry in the whole Fallout Series. It feels extremely simple and plain. This surely depicts the story of one post-apocalyptic world where because of a nuclear war, the world is suffering, but it pays little attention to the story of Fallout games. The feel of the gameplay was bland, where you will be exploring for long hours, killing and fighting the same enemies for the entire time. From the combat system to the storyline, everything seemed quite basic. You will feel that you are performing again and again, the same task.

Wrapping Up

The Fallout series has the most interesting worlds in gaming. With various games, it gets tricky to pick which one to play first. This is our take on all the Fallout games, and we have broken down the games separately. Whether you are a longtime fan or new to the series, we hope that this guide will prove beneficial to select your gameplay.

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