Best piano learning apps for Android

Learning Piano is not an easy task. It is one of the melodic instruments which can be adapted only with practice. But, what if you don’t have a piano and most importantly you can’t even afford to buy one? With growing technology, the scope to learn piano has gotten much easier. There are numerous amounts of piano learning apps for Android which can be used to rehearse and learn to play the piano anytime and anywhere.

Best piano learning apps for Android

Learning a musical instrument like a piano is a hard task. Remembering every key is a major task. This is where some of these Best Piano learning apps come in the scenario. These apps can help you learn the piano and will regularly update you with what’s new.

Finding the best Piano leaning app will enable you to learn playing piano at your pace is difficult, but we will find the right one just for you. The apps mentioned below are one of the best user rated, most popular and useful apps.

Best Piano learning apps for Android

The piano apps mentioned below are listed randomly. No such approach has been used to such as best to least apps or least to best ones.

My Piano Assistant

The My Piano Assistant app is one of the best apps when it comes to learning the chords. The app comes in with an amazing interface. It is amazingly clean and offers a great understanding to the users when it comes to traversing through the app.

The app features 40 chords with inversions, 30 intervals, 170 scales, user-defined chords and much more. Just like any Piano teacher, the app teaches the sequence of notes and positions. The app is easily available on Google play store for free.

Real Piano teacher

The app comes with numerous features to teach how you to play the piano. The app provides a virtual piano keyboard with highlighted guides. Once installed, you will find that the app has 2 modes – game mode and lesson mode respectively.

Lesson mode, as the name suggests, teaches you to play the piano. Whereas, game mode enables you to practice the lessons you learned.

You can easily download the app from the Google Play store for free.

Perfect Piano

With an impressive simulator and 88 key piano keyboard with amazing multi-touch, the app is a blessing for the users looking forward to learning to play Piano. With this app, you can learn to play the piano in the most fun way.

The app comes with multiple features like adjustment options, multiple modes, and audio recording and realistic sound effects such as Music box, bright piano, Grand piano, Synthesizer, and Pipe Organ.

You can also share the recorded item with your friends and family. The app allows you to adjust the speed and difficulty level as per your preferences.

Pianist HD: Piano +

The Pianist HD is a great app when it comes to allowing its users to learn to play the piano at their speed. The app is most highly rated which gives you access to a catalog of 50 thousand songs.

The app is packed with some die for features like karaoke files, 12 studio-quality sampled voices, option to upload MIDI, and over 128 musical MIDI instruments.

My Piano

The app provides studio-quality sound and an impressive selection of features. The app comes with 11 musical instruments with 8 effects.

Features like sensor pitch bend, an integrated sampler, pitch bend, note velocity, integrated recorder, support for multiple MIDI functions and much more. The app supports 16 notes polyphony and 1.5 – 2 octaves.

Piano – Play and Learn

The app features a fun way to learn to play the piano with a very intuitive interface to start with. The app includes some most popular songs from different artists.

The app teaches users to play the piano by making them play a game. The developer of the game included such a feature to exclude the tension and seriousness while learning to play the Piano.

Simply Piano

This app is a bit different than the apps listed above. It lets the user or learner choose to learn according to their skill level. They can either start as a beginner, intermediate or professional.

The app comes with some demo songs to work upon during the training phase. The app is a free app during some course of your training. To gain access to other lessons, you will have to pay.


Learning to play the piano without learning how to read notes is a very big mistake. Music notes are very essential when it comes to starting playing the Piano. If you get trained in reading the music notes, then you will be able to play the required tones.

The app helps its users to learn how to read music notes. It comes packed with 700 thousand pieces of free music sheet which you can access to learn to read music notes.


Yousician is one of the known Best Piano learning apps for Android. The app provides 1,500 lessons and tutorial videos that you can make use of for learning to play the piano. The app has 3 categories of levels – beginner, intermediate, and Professional.

Piano Master 2

The app lets its users learn to play the piano in the most fun way. You will be able to play the most popular songs by just playing a game. Yes, Piano Master 2 comes with a virtual piano where you need to follow the falling tiles on the screen. And just like that, you will be able to play the piano in no time.

The app comes packed with over 200 songs arranged in different categories.

Magic Piano by Smule

Magic Piano enables you to learn to play the piano by making you follow the beams of light on the screen. In this way, the app makes you learn and play your most favorite songs from classical to pop music.

You can adjust the difficulty level as per your experience. The app provides around 100 songs in different categories. Magic Piano comes with a feature where you can recreate your music by tuning the rhythm and tempo.

Perfect Ear

The app is a bit different than the others. It allows its users to master in identifying the chords, scales, and intervals. The app makes its users learn the trick of reading and recognizing rhythm duration and much more.

Piano Melody

The app includes around 600 songs which include classics and modern tracks from different genres. You can also track your learning process in the app itself.

It comes packed with some features like volume control, option to change the speed of the song and to highlight notes.

Super Piano HD

Super Piano HD is one of the easiest options to start learning to play the piano. The app comes packed with high-quality sounds and practical features to start with.

The app comes with a feature to record and play functionality and allows mixing individual songs and rhythm levels.


Packed with numerous features comes the Synthesia which provides an amazing setup for its users to learn play Piano. The app makes its users learn to play the piano in a different way than others. It highlights the keys to be played next to hit a melody.

The app is packed with 20 songs that are free to be accessed. The app is also free to download from the Google Play store.

Wrapping up

So, these were some of the Best Piano learning apps for Android. You can select any one of them according to your needs and start learning. Hope you find the most suitable one for youself.

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