Third party applications can wreck havoc on your OnePlus One. If you are having any random issues that just don’t seem normal, a 3rd party application might be the culprit. So today I’m going to show you exactly how to boot up your OnePlus One into Safe Mode.

3rd party applications can have more control of your OnePlus One than you would think. When something bad starts to happen with your device, a lot of the time a 3rd party application might be the cause. Especially if the issue you are having is excessive battery drain. Safe Mode for Android will actually disable all 3rd party applications.

So, if you are experiencing a random bug, then Safe Mode is a great way of finding out if the issue is caused by Android itself or a 3rd party application that is misbehaving.

A great troubleshooting step for Android is to boot up into Safe Mode and see whether you continue to experience it or not. If your battery is draining fast in regular mode, but it acts normal in Safe Mode, then one of your 3rd party applications is the reason. Or, if the performance of your OnePlus One is very poor in regular mode but not in Safe Mode, then again, one of the 3rd party applications is most likely the cause. From here you will need to uninstall them one by one to find out which one it is.

So let’s get started on our latest tutorial about how to boot up the OnePlus One into Safe Mode

OnePlus One Safe Mode

  1. Power Down the OnePlus One
  2. Hold the Power Button Until Android Starts to Boot Up
  3. As Soon as Android Starts Booting Up, Let Go of the Power Button
  4. Then Immediately Start Holding Both the Volume Up and Volume Down Buttons
  5. Continue Holding Both Volume Buttons Until Android is Fully Booted



Once Android is fully booted, you can then let go of both the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons. If you did everything properly, you will see a watermark at the bottom left of your screen that says “Safe Mode”. This water mark will persist until you reboot back into Android the normal way.

While you are in Safe Mode on the OnePlus One, this is where you want to try to recreate the issues that you were having before. So, if the battery life of your OnePlus One was very poor, then you would use the device as you typically would. Without those 3rd party applications of course because they will not launch until you reboot. If the issue with the OnePlus One is still happening while you are in Safe Mode then it is likely something wrong with the core Android install and a Factory Reset might be the only solution.


  1. It worked for my OPO running CM13 Nightly, it was the only solution for my problem.
    Thanks a lot !!!

  2. I have battery drain and ‘always-scan-wifi’ issues. Then I rebooted to safe mode and all seemed good. No issue. So, surely the problem was some 3rd party apps. But after restarted again to normal mode, I lost all of my accounts, except main Google account. Restarting again, now my device freezes on lock screen state right after booting. Any solution? Thanks.

    • I’m sorry, I have no idea what would cause that. Safe Mode is just temporary and shouldn’t be causing any lost account or freeze issues

      It sounds like it might be best for you to backup your data(if you can) and then do a factory reset.

      • Have done that several times. Battery drain and always-scan issues occurred after second booting. Whenever I try to change some app permission, like Google Play Services’ location and wifi scan, it usually freeze after next reboot.

        Anyway, thank you. I have talked to OnePlus Support and so far they suggested to do hard reset. Still waiting for the next solution.

        • I seem to be having a similar issue to you, lock screen doesn’t load and there is something in the background that is blurred out. Did you get a resolution?

          • I still don’t know what the main cause. My final resolution was wipe cache & factory reset in Recovery Mode. Tried to use it in basic mode (less app & minimum display customization) for several days. It works normal until now.

            ‘Wifi-scan’ bug is still there. Set wifi freq to 2,4 GHz is quite helpful. Even so, sometimes it happens again when in airplane mode. Odd. Mostly it’s just wrong battery status.

            ps. My OPO is non-rooted, so I don’t try AE suggestion to use BetterBatteryStats yet.

    • Then there’s likely something going on with the core OS. I would suggest booting into recovery mode to wipe the cache partition.

      If that doesn’t fix it then I would do a factory reset

  3. hi, this thing worked. i was getting unknown notification sound. while in safe mode i was not getting those sound.
    please tell me now how to turn off that unknown notification sound. its really very annoying.

    • This means it is a 3rd party application that is making the sound. Or a 3rd party app that is triggering the sound.

      The only way to find out what it is, unless you have a notification somewhere telling you, is to uninstall your 3rd party apps one by one until the sound stops (when not in safe mode)

  4. I finally got my oneplusone into Recovery mood. What should I do now?
    I tried to select “Reboot to boot loader”.
    Nothing is happening!
    Only visual is a small fastboot mode symbol in the middle of the phone.
    How can I reboot my phone?

  5. Hi , i got issues with my oneplus one, once its into fastboot mode and vn m trying to reboot it to normal mode it keeps on restarting.what to do


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