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Although iOS is one of the best-operating systems out there, there is a small bug in Apple’s OS that continues to irritate users. Because of this bug, the tabs are disappearing in Safari without any trace and this is ruining the browser experience for many users. Though there is no permanent solution to this problem, some people have reported that using a few troubleshooting methods can help in this case. If you are also having the same issue, there are some troubleshooting methods to get back the hidden tabs or stop them from disappearing.

Steps to get back the hidden tabs:

Reveal the hidden tabs

When you press and hold the show tab overview button situated at the top right corner of the Safari window ( four squares in a quadrant), you’ll see a drop-down menu.

Tap on that dropdown menu, and you will see an option named merge all windows.

Select this option, and all of your open tabs now will appear on your current window.

Now, you will be able to see the windows that were not visible in the tab overview screen.

Though there is no clear reason behind this issue, we can have the idea that it happens because of the process of how iPad OS manages safari windows that have been opened in split view mode.

Reveal the shelf

You can try this method when you are using an iPad OS and want to reveal the shelf.

Press and hold the Safari icon in the dock or on your home screen.

A pop-up menu will be appeared on the screen, and you have to select show all windows from there

This method will reveal the open windows on the shelf directly above your dock.

Recently closed tabs

If you notice that some of your tabs have been inadvertently closed and now you cannot find them, you can try this method to get access to those tabs:

First, you have to open up the tab view in Safari and long-press the + icon.

Now, you will be able to see all those tabs that you have recently closed.

Even if you have recently closed a tab, it will still be visible on Safari unless you have cleared your browser history by yourself or you use a private browser.

Turn off auto-close tabs

Sometimes Safari closes the tabs after a certain time. So, if you cannot find any of your tabs, you have to make sure that Safari is not closing them.

Open settings and then navigate to Safari

Tap on the close tabs option and make sure that manually is selected there

Bookmark all open tabs

If none of the above-mentioned suggestions works for you, you can try bookmarking your open tabs after you have finished your browsing session. Here are the steps for that:

If you are using your iPhone, you have to have a few tabs open in Safari

Select one of those tabs and go to the main browsing window

Now, long press on the bookmark icon that looks like an open book

A pop-up menu on your screen will be appeared from where you have to select add bookmarks for the x tab ( your tab name)

Tap on this option, and you will be asked to save the tabs in a new bookmarks folder. Ensure to give it a recognizable name. You can also choose a location from existing folders to save the tab.

Open a few tabs in Safari for the iPad and press and hold the address bar. Now select the option to add bookmarks for x tabs.

Now tap on the bookmark icon on the main browsing page to reveal all your saved folders.

You can press and hold on the folders and select open in new tabs or opening tab group ( for group view)


We hope that Apple authorities will soon roll out an update that does not have this bug. But, until then, we hope these troubleshooting methods will help you out.

Experiencing difficulties with your Device, check out our “How To” page on how to resolve some of these issues.


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