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The recent announcement of iOS 17 has stirred up excitement among users, as this latest iteration brings a host of new features and refinements. Notably, features like NameDrop and StandBy have generated anticipation among users. Although iOS 17 is currently in the Developer Beta phase, iPhone XS or newer owners can already install iOS 17 Developer Beta 1 to experience it’s new functionalities. However, it’s important to note that since this is a developer beta, there may be both major and minor bugs. For those considering installing it on their primary device, it might be prudent to wait for the public beta release or the stable version.

iOS 17 Stock Wallpapers

One captivating aspect of iOS 17 is it’s collection of new wallpapers, which have caught the attention of many. Apple has a tradition of introducing fresh wallpapers alongside the unveiling of each new iOS iteration. Even if you don’t wish to install iOS 17, you can still enjoy it’s stunning wallpapers. This applies not only to iPhone users but also to anyone eager to try out these captivating wallpapers.

Download iOS 17 Stock Wallpapers

iOS 17 has introduced two new wallpapers, specifically designed for light mode and dark mode. These wallpapers exude beauty and we’re certain you’ll fall in love with them. Thanks to iSoftware Updates, we now have access to the full-resolution versions of the iOS 17 wallpapers. They are available in the PNG file format, making them compatible with most smartphones for use as wallpapers.

Download iOS 17 Wallpapers in High Resolution: To obtain the iOS 17 wallpapers in high resolution, simply follow these steps:

  1. Visit
  2. Browse through the collection and select your preferred iOS 17 wallpaper.
  3. Tap on the download button to save the wallpaper to your device.
  4. Once downloaded, navigate to your device’s wallpaper settings and apply the newly downloaded iOS 17 wallpaper.

iOS 17 Live Wallpapers

While iOS 17 does not currently offer specific live wallpapers, iPhone users can still enjoy dynamic wallpapers on their lock screens. By accessing the lock screen settings, users can select from a variety of live or dynamic wallpapers available in the “Featured” section. Additionally, there are third-party options that offer an array of captivating live wallpapers compatible with iPhones. Explore these options and elevate your lock screen experience.

Final Thoughts

Customizing your phone’s wallpaper provides a refreshing change and adds a personal touch to your device. The iOS 17 wallpapers serve as an excellent addition to your collection, bringing a touch of elegance and style to your screen. Don’t hesitate to download these wallpapers and infuse a renewed sense of enjoyment into your device. Thank you for reading and happy customizing!

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