More people are starting to get their hands on a device within the Galaxy S10 series, and for good reason. It includes the best that Samsung to offer and it has already started trends within the market. These smartphones ship with 6 stock wallpapers and you can download all of them right here in full, high-resolution versions. Whether you want your device to have the features of Samsung’s latest and greatest, or you simply enjoy the art style. The South Korean conglomerate has taken a bold stand on the wallpapers that ship with their 2019 H1 flagship devices. I could easily see these wallpapers being divisive among the community. Art is a fickle beast and even though some images may be liked in certain situations they might not be the case in others. I could understand it if a lot of people disliked this batch of images for the background of their Home Screen. Personally, I feel that Samsung could have put in a bit more effort. But I can also see this style being popular among a segment of the community as well. And, the fact the company gives 6 different color options to choose from allows people to choose their favorite. It even gives them the option of mixing things up every now and then without any drastic changes. In any case, all 6 are bundled up into this single RAR file that can be downloaded right here. . .

Samsung Galaxy S10 Wallpapers

And here is a preview of them for those who are curious about what Samsung is shipping on their new smartphones. . .
Default 1
Default 2
Default 3
Default 4
Default 5
Default 6
So there are all 6 of the stock Samsung Galaxy S10 wallpapers. However, you should know that there is a themes store build into their software. So you can download a lot more from the Samsung Themes store (in both free and paid options) while also setting your own custom wallpaper too.

Custom Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+ Wallpapers

I also wanted to mention that there are a lot of people out there integrating the camera cutouts with their wallpapers. The first I ones I became aware of were posted to Twitter by @Mattcabb. As some people have expressed their opinion on the hole punch shape, look, and implementation, it does open the door for some creative options. I really wanted to like the Johnny 5 version but something threw me off (size, alignment, something) and it just didn’t seem to look right. So I settled with Wall-E on the Galaxy S10+ that I currently own. However, there are some that are made just for the Galaxy S10 too with its single-camera hole cutout. And just like before, you can also get a preview of these wallpapers right here as well. It should be easy for you to see if the custom wallpaper is for the Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10 Lite, or the Galaxy S10+. Again, these are just the ones that are available right now. I would love to see the online community expand upon this creativity.
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