Taking a screenshot is great for when you want to share or save something on your screen and here is how to take a screenshot on the Galaxy S6.

Taking a screenshot can be an invaluable feature and it’s something that should be included in every single Android smartphone around. This feature is so popular that people will go to great lengths just to allow their smartphone or tablet to have this feature. I remember writing iPhone tips when the device¬†was first introduced and you actually had to jailbreak it and install a 3rd party application in order to do it because it just wasn’t possible by default.

Nowadays the feature is common among all mobile devices and you can do it right out of the box.

Most Android smartphones and tablets use the same method of taking a screenshot but in good ole Samsung fashion, they like to shake things up and be different. So instead of the Volume Down and Power button combo like most Android devices use, you have to go a different route. . .

Galaxy S6 Take Screenshot

  1. Press and Hold the Power Button and the Home Button at the Same Time
  2. Continue Holding Until You See the Screenshot Animation


That’s it! Just two steps and you will take a screenshot of anything that is on your screen at this time. This could be a high score to a game you’re playing, a¬†particular segment of a website that you want to save for offline viewing or anything else. You just have to hold the Power button and the Home buttons down at the same time.

If you hold these two buttons down then you will see an animation and possibly a vibration alert to tell you that the screenshot has been taken.

You’ll be able to find the screenshot from within the Gallery application on your Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S6 Edge. You’ll see an album labeled ‘Screenshots’ when you open the application and your latest screenshot will be sitting right in there. If you have a file explorer application or maybe you want to pull it off of your Galaxy S6 to your PC then you’ll want to look in the Pictures -> Screenshot folder. All of your screenshots are put there so you can quickly and easily copy or move them off the internal SD card and onto your PC.


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