Google Chrome May Soon be Able to Translate Text Within Images

Google is reportedly working on a new support to let users translate texts in an image within a web page. A code supporting this work was seen on Chrome Gerrit.

Google’s Chrome browser can already translate a whole page in a foreign language to the desired one but can’t convert the elements in an image. Users interested in the feature need to enable this in the Flags section when available and translate the page before translating the image text.

Translating Text Within Images

One of the many products that Google constantly develops is it’s Chrome browser – which has hundreds of features in the pipeline at any time. Developers often seed their half-baked features in the Flags section of Chrome browser and even hint at some in Chrome’s Gerrit code.

The latest finding from that Chrome Gerrit by researcher Leopeva64 revealed that Google is working on translating text within images of Chrome web pages. To date, Chrome can translate text in a webpage from a foreign language to anything that you can understand in seconds.

Now, in addition to this, users can get the text within images to be translated too. Though you can do the same with Google Lens or other third-party apps, having a native feature that eases these processes is much appreciated.

Well, this feature isn’t available on Chrome Beta or Canary builds yet. And even when it comes to either of these, you should enable this via the Flags section manually. Once enabled, the option to translate image text appears in Chrome’s context menu after translating the webpage!

This is needed to invoke the additional feature from Chrome’s context menu. Also, it’s reported to use Google Lens for processing the text within images, although the Chromium commit notes that third-party translation services are supported too.

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