Google Pixel 3a Tips and Tricks

The Google Pixel 3a device is a mid-range smartphone that is packaged with the best features and offers a good value for its price. Although being a mid-range phone in terms of price, its coupled features are overwhelming. Therefore, it is required that the Google Pixel 3a tips and tricks are to be known, to use it to the fullest. This, therefore, brings the purpose of this article to provide you with some useful Google Pixel 3a tips and tricks that will help you in carrying out some special operations on Google Pixel 3a device.

Google Pixel 3a Tips and Tricks

Google Pixel 3a Tips and Tricks

Using the Split screen

You can use two apps at-a-go on your Google Pixel 3a device, this possibility is as a result of the Split-screen feature on the phone. With this feature, two apps can be opened and operated together on the User Interface of your phone at the same time.

To use the Split-screen feature, you will just swipe up from the bottom of the screen to open up the recent apps and then tap the app icon at the top of the first app you want to open and then tap on the Split screen in the pop-up menu, you then finally select the other app that you also want to be in the Split screen. You can resize the app’s windows by dragging the bar in the middle and it is also possible to view the apps on Split screen in the landscape by tapping on Auto-rotate. To take any of the apps back to the full-screen mode, simply drag the middle bar to the top or bottom depending on where the individual app is located.

Screening unwanted calls with Google Assistant

If you don’t want to answer a call because you know it’s a spammed call or just a call you don’t want to answer, there is a tip you can employ for this purpose on your Google Pixel 3a device. All you have to do is to tap on Screen call whenever the call comes in and the Google Assistant will answer the call for you responding to the person who called saying “Hi, the person you’re calling is using a screening service from Google, and will get a copy of this conversation. Go ahead and say your name, and why you’re calling.”

Using the Night Light mode

There is the availability of the Night Light mode on Google Pixel 3a device for you to be able to filter out the blue light from your phone especially in a low-light condition such as when you are about to sleep. The Night Light mode can be scheduled to function at a particular time at night to aid your sleeping.

To activate this feature, proceed to Settings on your Google Pixel 3a device, select Display option, and then tap on Night Light. You will then be required to tap on the Schedule option to determine the particular time you want to have it on. You also have the option of scheduling it with the sunset and sunrise in your particular location.

Quick launching the Camera

One of the Google Pixel 3a tips and tricks is that you can easily launch the camera app on your phone at any time you want even when the phone is locked. This shortcut to your phone camera is called Jump to the camera and it works by double-tapping the power button. To have it enabled, you will have to go to Settings of your Google Pixel 3a device and select Systems option. Then within the System settings, click on Gestures, and then tap on Jump to the camera to toggle it on.

Switching to the selfie-camera with the aid of Flip camera gesture

When you want to take selfies on your Google Pixel 3a device, there is necessarily no need to always switch to the front-facing camera manually, it can easily be done using the Flip camera gesture. The Flip camera gesture works by twisting your wrist twice to automatically switch to the selfie camera. It is always on by default but in a case where it is not enabled, you can turn it on by heading to Settings of your Google Pixel 3a device, Systems settings, then, tap on Gestures, locate and turn on the Flip camera option.

Getting notifications when the phone is picked up

On your Google Pixel 3a device, it is possible for you to easily get notifications by just picking up your phone whenever it’s on sleep mode instead of always pressing the power button to see them.

To enable this, go to Settings of your Google Pixel 3a device, tap on Display, next on Advanced Settings, and then tap on Ambient Display. Under Ambient Display options, turn on the Always-on display when you lift your phone and you can now always have a glimpse of notifications on your phone whenever you lift/pick it up.

Using Night Sight feature

When you are on camera and your Google Pixel 3a device detects a low light condition, it will suggest the Night Sight mode for you to have a better picture quality. The Night Sight feature can pop-up up automatically in this condition for you to tap it on or if it doesn’t, you will have to tap on the More button in the Photo mode and then locate and tap Night Sight on. For the best picture result, the phone should be held steady.

The Smart Storage function

You don’t need to worry about the internal memory of your phone getting filled up, the Smart Storage feature can help you take care of that. It works by helping you clear photos and videos that you have backed up automatically. To have it enabled, proceed to Settings, next on Storage, and then tap Smart Storage. You have options to select the timeframe for the photos/videos removal such as 30, 60, or 90 days.

Enabling the Active Edge Feature

This is one of the exciting Google Pixel 3a tips and tricks that you to bring the Google Assistant to your service. When this feature is enabled, you can easily access the Google Assistant by just squeezing the bottom edges of the phone. It is also possible for you to squeeze the bottom edges to silence your phone with the aid of this feature.

To enable the Active Edge feature, you will have to head to Settings of your Google Pixel 3a device, select System Settings, tap on Gestures option, tap on Active Edge and you will then see a list of options from which you can either toggle on Squeeze for your Assistant or Squeeze for silence.

Customizing the home screen

To use this Google Pixel 3a tips and tricks, you need to tap and hold anywhere on the home screen of your smartphone. This step will pop open a menu that will display widgets and wallpapers. You can select any wallpaper for your display screen as Google has to offer some amazing wallpapers especially the animated ones.

Now, you need to select Home settings from the menu that popped open by tapping and holding the display screen. From there you can choose whether you would like new apps installed on your device to be displayed on the home screen, At a Glance feature, and much more.

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