Google to Soon Let Users Transfer Their eSIM Profiles on Android

Confirming the leaks from last month, Google is bringing a needed yet so futuristic support to it’s Android community – the ability to transfer eSIMs between phones.

This would be essential for those who switch phones often, as they can easily move their eSIM profile between the devices without contacting the carrier. Built on GSMA’s global standard, Europe’s Deutsche Telekom is the first carrier to work with Google to enable this ability.

Transferring Your eSIM Profile

With phones becoming smarter than ever, people are moving for suitable smart choices in all segments. One among them is network connectivity, where OEMs are offering eSIM functionality aside from the physical SIM card.

With more and more users opting for this eventually, OEMs are optimizing this support to be more helpful. In this pursuit, Google is bringing support to transfer eSIM profiles among Android devices. This was announced in a recent event, where the company announced a bunch of features coming to Wear OS 3 and Android.

The company stated this support to arrive later this year, probably with the new Android release. This new ability is built on the global standard built out by the GSMA, with European carrier Deutsche Telekom being the first one to adopt it.

Subscribers of Deutsche Telekom having an Android phone with eSIM functionality may soon avail this support, making their lives more easier when switching devices. Google laid the ground for this ability in last month’s Android QPR2 release and now confirmed it.

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