Tame A Snail On Ark

The ordinary-looking Achatina is a colourful snail that you may see moving across the bottom of many ARK maps. Even if you approach it while riding a Giganotosaurus and engage in combat with it, it won’t attack you. If you can tame it, it also aids in giving you and your tribe access to one of the most priceless and sought-after substances in the game. In this guide, we will give you a brief detail about Achatina and how to tame a snail on ARK.

What Is Achatina?

An Achatina’s ability to secrete slime is one of it’s most notable characteristics. This substance, known as Achatina paste, can be used in place of cementing paste when crafting. Achatina produces this instead of faeces, making it a poor species to train for dung farming.

Achatinas are more frequently found in swampy or forested areas. Unless you see one that is particularly brightly coloured, they often blend in with the surroundings. These snails are difficult to find for less experienced explorers because they move slowly and don’t draw much attention. But after you have found one, keep scanning the area for more.

How to Tame a Snail on ARK

Even though the Achatina is a friendly and non-violent animal, you still need to knock it out before you can tame a snail on ARK.

The most challenging step in taming the Achatina is to knock it out without killing it. Be careful with your aim to improve your chances of success. The snail will probably die if you hit it too frequently in the shell. It can be more effectively knocked out by striking it in the flesh without causing fatal damage.

Achatinas can be tamed with Sweet Vegetable Cake. These are difficult to make at first because the recipe calls for Giant Bee Honey and crops that you must grow yourself.

  • Use your preferred knockout technique to attack the Achatina and knock it out. At level 90, the Achatina could be knocked out with three tranq arrows from a crossbow, four tranq arrows from a bow, two tranq darts, or one shocking tranq dart.
  • Drag sweet vegetable cakes into Achatina’s inventory. The quantity you require depends on the snail’s level. For instance, taming an Achatina at level 90 would call for 11 Sweet Vegetable Cakes.
  • Add more drugs to the Achatina’s stock by dragging them. This aids in keeping it unconscious while being tamed. Use nine biotoxins, 18 pails of narcotics, or 83 nacroberries to keep it under control at level 90. To make the snail consume the drug and deepen it’s torpor, you must right-click it in the inventory.
  • Wait while keeping an eye on the Achatina’s information panel. Here, you can observe both it’s dormancy and the progress of the tame. If the torpor drops too low, make it consume the drug it has in stock.
  • Once the procedure is complete, give your tamed Achatina a name and modify it’s behaviour.

Although they can still provoke hostility from others, unconscious creatures are completely helpless. If you are taming an Achatina in the wild, be ready to defend it, or you risk seeing another animal devour it for dinner.

You will probably also need a flying mount if you are far from your base to help you transport other creatures to your new Achatina home.

How To Care For Achatinas

Even after they are domesticated, Achatinas still require a lot of Sweet Vegetable cakes, which makes them challenging to care for. For you to be able to feed your Achatina, you should have a farm that is actively producing crops, honey, and sap. If not, it might eventually starve to death.

The Achatina doesn’t require much attention other than to be fed. For it, you can make a pen, and you can let it roam and produce inside the enclosure.

Benefits Of Using Achatinas

Achatinas have desired pets due to a few of their uses. Even though a snail may not seem all that exciting in a world full of powerful predators and flying dragons, it does have a place in the ecosystem.

  • The Achatina will continue to produce Achatina Paste and Organic Polymer as long as you leave it to wander. It produces one paste every minute and can hold 100 before you need to empty it’s inventory. It can also store 100 organic polymers even though it only produces one per hour, so the spoil time is not taken into consideration.
  • When Organic Polymer and Corrupted Nodules are in Achatina’s inventory, the spoil timer for those items is extended. After harvest, transporting and using these items at home is much simpler thanks to the snail’s ability to keep them fresh for 90 minutes.

How To Breed Achatinas

Achatina breeding was prohibited for a very long time. They had to be domesticated and brought home if you wanted to have them. The game was eventually updated by Wildcard to allow tribes to breed their domesticated Achatinas.

Make a breeding space or pen where other animals can’t harm the Achatinas. Keep in mind that the Achatina lacks much in the way of natural defence, and if you let them roam free, they may run into dangerous creatures that could kill them.

Simply set each Achatina to wander and enable mating once you have two of them in pen. If you don’t boost your taming multiplier, it takes them about eight hours to finish.

An infant Achatina will emerge once they have finished mating. Unlike many others who lay eggs, these snails are one of the few game creatures that give birth to young alive. Give it Sweet Vegetable Cake as soon as you can so it has some on hand.

Secret Methods for Growing Achatina Paste

Achatinas can still be used as a simple paste source for crafting before you can make Sweet Vegetable Cake early in the game. Creating an untamed Achatina farm is one method people used to accomplish this in the past.

Just fly to a wild Achatina, pick it up, and bring it right to the pen you made. It won’t struggle or contend. During transport, it will simply withdraw into it’s shell.

To contain them, you have to construct a space. Achatina in the wild is free to wander wherever they please because you have no control over what they do. So, make a place for them to safely move around and drop their Achatina paste. Achatinas that are in the wild is self-sufficient when they are at your base. You need to feed them only after they are domesticated.

Wrapping Up!

Achatinas are useful tames because they make building easier to access. With the most recent update, it is now simpler to amass a sizable flock because you can breed them. Begin with two and build from there. Your entire construction process will be simplified.

Hope this guide helped you. However, if you are still confused about the process of how to tame a snail on Ark, try to communicate with an expert.

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