hide apps on Android without rooting

Wanting to hide something, maybe some specific applications? There users who want to know techniques to hide apps on Android without rooting, among the most well-known forums. To tackle the Android application hiding issue, I have collected a few solutions, to hide apps on Android without rooting.

Whether someone is using an Android or iOS device the installation of applications are necessary. Installation of applications can be done from the play store or App store. Application varies in use depending on what the user needs to achieve. The applications can be accessed by the user once installed.

hide apps on Android without rooting

Most applications are available on the phone and are made by the developer, bloatware perhaps. Applications can be hidden for many reasons. For instance there are some apps that you may need to hide from children or friends once they get your smartphone.

Hiding apps are common and many phone companies have come up with inbuilt ways of hiding applications. The advancement of technology has made it possible for users to hide apps without rooting. The most common method used by many users is the use of a launcher.

Many applications can be used to hide apps.


There are many phone launchers available on the google play store that provide an awesome experience to the use of the android phone. Most phones like Samsung have an inbuilt access launcher. The launcher is the most convenient for hiding applications.

To hide the app long tap the screen to create an empty folder. Scroll down to the applications and select the application that you need to hide. The application can be accessed from the hidden folder at the convenience of the user.


Download the launcher from the play store. Launch the application and set the launcher as the main launcher of the phone. Select the applications that you need to hide from access. 

The launcher is used for other activities. For instance, when one needs to access the hidden applications the security setting will require settings to make the most out of the launcher


This is a platform used when it doesn’t require one to install a launcher to conduct this activity. Download the application from the play store and install it on the phone. Launch the application by opening the application. On the top right tap the plus icon. 

The applications on the phone will appear on the screen. Select the applications that you need to hide from being accessed, the application will create another folder. The option uninstalls app will appear on the screen. Uninstall the application, the applications will not be uninstalled.

To access the application with the apps in it open the application and tap the option labeled my application. Open the application you need and use. When you close the application the private me app will hide the app.


This launcher is appropriate for accessing the applications stylishly. For the users who prefer the classic view of the phone, this is the best. The application is quite convenient in that the chances of the phone hanging are minimal.

To hide applications using these apps is easy in that the app can be accessed when needed. Download the launcher from the play store and launch it. Set it as the main application of use to change the phone from the phone launcher. Go to the settings and select the launcher as the default launcher.

Go to the app drawer and scroll to the bottom and open the app navigator. Search for hiding app option and tap the option to open it. Select the applications you need to hide and click the ok option.

To unhide the applications go to the hide option with the plus sign. Tap the application you need to unhide and remove it in the list. The application will appear on the homepage.


Nova Launcher Prime is a great alternative:

Step 1: Make Nova Launcher Prime your default launcher. Download and install Nova Launcher Prime on your Android device, then go to the home screen, and set “Nova Launcher” as default application hider on Android.

Step 2: Long press the Home screen button until the “Add to Home Screen” dialog shows up. Tap the “Wrench” icon on the upper right corner, and afterward click “Drawer” under “Nova Settings”. Tap the “Hide Apps” option to have access and to mark all android apps to hide.


Download the application and launch it on the phone. At the top, tap the icon indicated hide apps and a list of the available applications will appear. Select the application you need to hide and select okay.

The applications will automatically hide from the home screen of the phone. To unhide the applications go the application and unselect the application you need to use.

The application will appear on the home screen. These are convenient when one does not want to root the phone.


There are many third-party launchers available on the play store. You can download the POCO launcher and install it as the default launcher. Select the settings option and open the hide apps option.

Tap the applications you need to hide from the list that will appear. To unhide the apps you can select the hide option and select the app that you need and it will appear on the homepage of the phone.


This method is convenient for the users that need to hide apps from others. The person accessing the phone will not know about the phone application. For instance, you can rename the calendar application calculator. The user that needs to access the calendar will not tap the app since it is indicated otherwise.


To access these one has to open a new profile of users. The new profile can be used independently from the main profile. Select the applications to be hidden and add them to the new profile. The profile will appear on the second page of the home screen.

Hide the profile and remain with the home screen. To access the profile go to settings and tap multiple users and select the profile you need. Open the profile and tap the application you need to use. Multiple users are available in the settings option.


Hiding application is necessary for privacy reasons. The applications that need parental guidance can be hidden when the children has access the phone. The hiding of application is necessary when one does not need many applications appearing on the lock screen.

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