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With Android Oreo, will displays a persistent notification when applications are running in the background, but this guide shows you how to remove it.

Along with making the battery last longer on devices that run Android 8.0 Oreo, Google is also working on making the mobile operating system more secure. A lot of work that has been put into making Android more secure is done behind the scenes, but there are changes that the user will see.

For example, if you open up the My Applications page with the Play Store application, then you should see the new Google Play Protect scanner with information about the last time it scanned your device.

Granted, Google Play Protect isn’t an Oreo exclusive feature, but it shows you that Google is trying to convey more information to the user about various security features. Another change they’ve added is including persistent notifications for applications that do various things on your device. The most common one here is when an application is running in the background (such as Tasker, MacroDroid, VPN applications or any others).

This persistent notification has become annoying for a number of people but a free and open source application in the Play Store fixes it for you.

Running in the Background Notification

  1. Download the Hide “running in the background” Notification application
  2. Launch the application
  3. Tap the OK button when prompted about permission access
  4. Toggle Notification Access on at the next screen
  5. Tap the Back button to go back to the application
  6. Make sure the Notification Access Permission options says Granted


The best part about the Hide “running in the background” Notification application is that it doesn’t even require root access to work. As I showed you in the video above, we can actually get rid of this Android System notification by snoozing it. However, the max time interval for snoozing is 2 hours. This would mean that the notification would come back in 2 hours and you’d have to snooze it all over again. This would get annoying and that is what this free application does for us.

Except that we aren’t just snoozing it for 2 hours. Android actually has a way to snooze a notification for a much longer amount of time. Google has just simplified the user interface by offering a few choices for us. I’m not sure exactly how long it snoozes this notification (although you can find it by searching through the source code), I just know that keeping this application installed will keep that Running in the Background notification away.

Hide Running in the Background Notification Toggle
For this application to work, you need to grant it access to your Notifications.

And we do need to keep this application installed. Because even if we snooze this application for a year, the timer resets when we reboot our device. Since it’s a small, free and open source application to have installed, it shouldn’t be a big deal to have on your smartphone. So as instructed, just go ahead and download the application, launch it and then you’ll be greeted with a notification about permission access. Tap the OK button to be taken to the specific page we need to be at.

Tap the toggle to grant this Running in the Background application access to our notifications (so it knows when it needs to snooze it again), and then tap the back button. This will take you back to the application and from here you should see it say the Notification Access Permission has been granted. From here, you can tap the Home button to go back to the Home Screen and forget you even have it installed as it does all of the work for you.

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