How to Add or Resize Widgets on Android

What are Widgets?

A widget is a small control of the Android application that is placed on the Home screen. These are small but quite handy as they allow one to place one’s favorite application on the Home screen for quick access. They allow you to get information without actually having to locate and open the application. Some common widgets that we frequently use are the Calendar widget, music widget, clock widget, weather widget, photo widget, etc.

Widgets are Helpful in Many Ways

Widgets should not be confused with applications because they are completely different from apps. They are self-contained programs that live and run on the home screen of your Android device. They are meant to perform very simple functions. Besides giving you a glance at the current information, they can also function as control switches for other parts of the Android system. For instance, you can use a widget to turn the Mobile Hotspot function ON or OFF. There are similar widgets that can perform such simple but handy functions.

And users have the option to add and resize the widgets on their Home screen. Wondering how to add or resize widgets on android? Read it here.

Resizing Widgets on Android Device

You will be able to customize your Home screen according to your requirement. Follow this step-by-step guide to resize the widgets of your phone and place them on your screen as you like:

Step I. Add Widget on Your Android Device

First, long-press on the home screen of your Android device

Next, you will get four options on the screen – Wallpaper, Themes, Widgets, and Home Screen Settings

Click on the Widgets option – you will be prompted with the list of widgets of your device

Tap on the choice of widget you wish to resize. Depending on the smartphone and the widget you will be prompted different sizes

Select the size you want to add to your home screen. To do it, you need to drag it to the Home screen window and place it.

Follow the steps once again for a different widget that you would like to resize for your Android screen

Step II. Resize the Widget

Even after you have selected a size of the widget for your phone, you can further resize it. Follow the below steps:

Now that you have the widgets in your choice of size on the screen, long-press the widget that you want to further resize

You will be prompted with a transformation grid. Use this transformation grid to adjust the size of the widget

Once you are satisfied with the results, confirm the size and then tap anywhere outside the widget on the Home screen to save the changes

This will resize the widget. You can resize the other widgets according to your requirement.

Widgets once resized will give your Home screen a nice look. It will enable you to interact with your Android phone just like the way you want it. Follow the above steps and you will be able to resize widgets.

Experiencing difficulties with your Device, check out our “How To” page on how to resolve some of these issues.


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