Boot your Xiaomi Redmi Note in safe mode

Entering the safe mode in your android system is no rocket science and can be done by following a few steps. Before discussing the process to boot your Xiaomi Redmi Note in safe mode, let’s know about the safe mode in brief.

What is safe mode?

In short, this is used to avoid the problems caused by third-party applications on your android phone which were not pre-installed. It allows the android to load only with the default setting. No third-party application installed from the Google play store or any other source will run in this mode. The default Android operative system will only allow the applications that were installed in your phone when you purchased that from the shop.

What are the benefits of safe mode?

  • Fix problems

This mode helps to fix problems caused by third-party apps and widgets. Once you boot your phone in this mode, the third-party applications will be disabled automatically.

  • Understand the issue

It helps to understand the main issue and how to solve that. If your phone was having problems in normal mode but doing fine in safe mode, that means some third-party applications were creating those issues. Uninstall them to fix the problem

  • Extends phone’s life

This mode extends the phone’s life. As you can now understand your phone’s issues and protect your phone from malware activities, the longevity of your device automatically extends.

  • Increases storage

It increases storage. Though it doesn’t delete any of your personal files and data, this mode deletes unnecessary and broken files from your device and frees up space.

  • Make it fast

Booting up your phone in Safe mode can make your phone quicker than before. The clearance of temporary and unnecessary files boosts the speed of the device.

Now, you have an android phone with the Xiaomi Note 8 series ( Note 8, Note 8 Pro, Note 8T). You are facing some weird problems with your device and want to boot your Xiaomi Redmi Note in safe mode. The process is a piece of cake, and one can do it easily by following some simple steps. Let’s check out.

How to boot your Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 series Android phone into safe mode?

To boot your Xiaomi Note 8 series, you have to follow the below instructions step by step:

First, press and keep holding the power button of your device. There will be two options, one is “shut down” and the second one is “restart/reboot”.

Tap Restart.

When the device is restarting, press the volume down and power buttons altogether.

As the device logo is appeared on the screen, release the power button but continue pressing the low volume button.

If you can see ” Safe Mode” in the lower-left corner, that means your phone is booted into safe mode.

If you can’t see the sign, don’t panic. It means there was a problem with the process while doing it, and it failed. Repeat the process.

Once your phone reboots in safe mode, you can do what you want and troubleshoot your issues.

What can be done in the safe mode?

You can do everything you did after just purchasing your phone from the shop. You can access the system software and pre-installed applications. You just can’t access the applications you installed later.

How to turn off safe mode in your Xiaomi Note 8 series?

As you can not access the applications you installed as per your need in the safe mode, it is important to go back to the normal mode once you troubleshoot your issue. This process is quite easy as you just have to long-press the power button and turn off your android. Once you restart the android, it will boot in normal mode.

Experiencing difficulties with your Device, check out our “How To” page on how to resolve some of these issues.



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