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It has been a decade since the existence of the most popular social media platform Instagram. As Instagram celebrates its 10th birthday, it has added many new features that include a new hidden menu. The new feature allows its users to customize the Instagram App icon on their Android or iPhones. It is effortless to find and activate the new feature.

You will be able to change your app icon from the Google Play Store if you have build version on your Android device and version 162.0 build on your iOS device.

Process to Change the Instagram App Icon on your Android or IOS Device

The process of changing the Instagram app icon is almost the same on Android and iOS. A minor change that android users may find is that the app will ask for approval to add the Instagram App icon to your phone’s home screen.

To change the Instagram Icon app, the first step is to update your app, which has to be done from the Play Store by downloading the latest version of the Instagram app. Then follow the below steps to get the new app icon.

Open the Instagram app and click on your profile icon

On the top-right corner, there is a triple-line option that is also known as the hamburger menu icon. Click on the triple-line.

You can now view the Settings Option. Tap on Settings

After entering the Settings page, drag the menu downwards. Continue to swipe down till you reach the end of the screen. A line of emojis is visible. You will get to see confetti as soon as you reach the end of the emoji.

You have now reached the hidden app icon screen

Finally, you can see the list of icons and choose your favorite icon as your Instagram app icon.

You can select either the classic Polaroid camera, which was the original logo of the Instagram app, or any other custom icons.

The icon changes with a pop-up message that confirms the change of the Instagram app icon. Click on the OK button for the pop-up to get dismissed.


Now, when you go back to your home screen, you will be able to view the updated app icon of your choice.

Is the New Icon Different for Android Phones?

When you select the new Instagram icon, you might notice a slight difference in Android devices. As in Android, rather than replacing the old icon, a shortcut has to be created with the new logo that you have selected. Thus, the icon will look different from the iOS phone users as they will see the normal Instagram icon displayed.

How Many Icons Can You Choose For Your New Instagram Look?

There are 13 different Instagram app icons in total to select for the look of your new Instagram app, including the present one. The Classic and Classic 2 has been brought back by Instagram from 2010 and 2011. You also have the original Instagram app when the app was launched in 2010. The rest are Sunrise, Twilight, Aurora, Gold, Price, and many more.

The Instagram app has launched a completely new career for their influencers. With the new feature to change the Instagram app icon, it is a big nod to the Instagram apps cultural relevance. At any time, you can go back and change the Instagram app icon as the feature is still available in the Instagram app. A simple thing to note is that changing the app will never change the complete Instagram app’s interface.

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