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Now a day most of us start our day by checking the notifications on our phones. Every day we receive hundreds of notifications from different apps that are installed on our devices.

There are occasions where we delete some of those notifications without looking at them. Later on, we realized that those were some important notifications that we missed.

Google introduced notification history in Android 11 but if you are using Android 10 or the lower version then this article is for you. In this article, we will tell you two ways through which you can check the Notification log or history on Android 10 or lower.

We are sharing two methods as the first method might not work on every device. If your device’s OEM heavily customizes the android then there are chances that you have to use the second method.

We have tried the first method on Xiaomi devices and we have bad luck as the first method didn’t work on the MIUI custom skin on Xiaomi devices.

How to Check Notification history on Android 10 or lower?

Through Notification History shortcut:

There is a hidden notification history shortcut in Android through which you can check all the notifications you receive throughout the day. These notifications are both from the Android system or different apps.

To check the history, go to the home screen of your device.

Then long-press on an empty spot on your home screen.

A small menu will appear, chose widgets from that menu.

Scroll down the widgets page until you find out settings widget on that page.

Tap and hold on to that settings widget and drop it on anywhere on your home screen.

A new settings icon will appear on your home screen when you drop that widget on the screen.

Tap on it to open that icon.

 You will see a list of various settings and options from the setting applications.

There are tons of settings shortcuts that you can place on your home screen for easy access.

Scroll down the list of options on that page until you find the notification log.

Tap on the Notification log and it will create a shortcut on your home screen.

Now you can see all the notifications that you receive throughout the day from that shortcut even if you delete them.

Through Third-Party App:

There is also a third-party app through which you can check the notification history of your Android devices.

Download and install the Action launcher from the play store.

Activity Launcher

Open Action launcher and you will see the list of activity that each app and setting do on your device.

There are tons of activities going on to your device daily and you can track each activity from this application.

Notification History

At the top of the app, you will see the search icon, type notification log to search it in the app.

Tap on the notification log and at it to your home screen to get easy access.

Once you add it to the home screen, tap on the icon to see all the notification history of your device.

These are the two ways through which you can check all the notification history on your Android device running Android 10 or lower.

Experiencing difficulties with your Device, check out our “How To” page on how to resolve some of these issues.


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