Connect Samsung Smart TV to Alexa

Alexa, a virtual assistant that can be controlled by voice commands. It is an engaging technology that can be used to perform various tasks at home, including your television. For a couple of years now, Samsung has been manufacturing smart televisions that are compatible with Alexa. However, the more recent models of Samsung television now have Alexa built-in them. You can control Alexa through the Samsung smart television remote because there is no provision for far-field microphones for now. And, here we have discussed the process to connect Samsung Smart TV to Alexa.

There are several interesting commands that you can give to Alexa, including playing music or looking for your favorite series. So, if you have a Samsung smart television, then here is how you can connect it to Alexa.

Steps to Connect Samsung Smart TV to Alexa – 2021 models (some 2020 models also):

After you have set up your Samsung smart TV, ensure that it is connected to the Wi-Fi

Press the Home button on your TV remote and navigate to the Alexa app (towards the right). Alternatively, you can also select Alexa as your smart TV’s voice assistant when you are performing the initial setup

Click on Set up Alexa to initiate the pairing process

Next, you must sign in to your Amazon account. You can do this either by visiting the Amazon website from any device or you can scan the provided QR code with your smartphone. You will be prompted to enter a six-digit authentication code, which will be seen on your smart TV screen

After you have provided your login details and password, review the privacy permissions and then click on ‘Allow’

Users have the option to select between using their Samsung smart TV remote to listen for Alexa wake word with or without having to press the microphone button. You will be prompted to Click to ‘Enable’ or ‘Not Now’. Your remote’s microphone will always stay activated if you choose ‘Enable’ and to have the microphone on. With this setting, you just need to wake Alexa and then give your command. With the microphone turned off by selecting ‘Not Now’, you will have to hold the microphone button and then use the Alexa commands.

After this step, click Next

Finally, Click on All Done

Steps to Connect Samsung Smart TV to Alexa – older models from 2018 and 2019:

For 2018 and 2019 models of Samsung smart TV, Alexa was not a built-in feature, so if you are using this model, you need to control Alexa with an external device such as Echo dot or Alexa app. Follow the steps below to use Alexa for voice control:

Download Samsung SmartThings and Amazon Alexa app on your smartphone. Both the apps are available for Android and iOS

Both your Samsung smart TV and Alexa device should be connected to the same Wi-Fi network

Remember to enable Samsung TV in the SmartThings application, or you must sign in with your Samsung account on your smart television. For that, go to: Settings > General > System Manager > Samsung Account

Use your Samsung account to log in to your SmartThings app. Go to devices > tap on + to add your smart TV to this app

Next, you need to enable SmartThings skills in the Alexa app and then sign in with your Samsung account. Once you do this, your Samsung smart TV will automatically connect to Alexa

You will now be able to use Alexa voice commands to control your Samsung smart television

Some Basic Commands for Alexa that Work for Samsung Smart TV:

For newer versions of Samsung smart TV, the built-in Alexa will allow extra commands such as:

Alexa, search for (the name of movie or show)

Alexa, switch to (the name of app you want to switch to)

Alexa, open (the name of the app)

Alexa, play the new (name of the artist) album

Alexa, play (name of the show) on (name of the app such as Amazon Prime)

These commands are additional to the older common ones. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Alexa, turn (ON/OFF) the TV
  • Alexa, channel (up/down) on the TV
  • Alexa, change the channel to (number) on the TV
  • Alexa, volume (up/down) on the TV

Experiencing difficulties with your Device, check out our “How To” page on how to resolve some of these issues.


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