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Microsoft is the most used office suite in the world as most of the companies rely on this office suite for their day-to-day task. In this office suite, Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel are the most used application, especially in the corporate world.

In this article, we are giving a step-by-step guide on How to create a Dropdown menu list in Microsoft Word. The dropdown list will allow users to select a predefined option from a list of items. The process is simple and this dropdown menu list can be used in many ways to simplify things in the word document.

The first step in this process is to enable the developer option in Microsoft Word. When you install Microsoft Office Suite for the first time, this option is hidden and you have to enable it.

Open Microsoft Word on your computing device and open a blank document.

Click on File from the top menu and then click on Options from the sidebar menu.

A new window will open, click on “customize ribbon” from the sidebar.

Microsoft Word

Locate “Developer” from the list on the right side and click on the check box next to it to enable it. Then click on “OK” at the bottom to enable the settings.

Now that you have enabled the developer option, you can create the dropdown list in the Microsoft Word Document.

Tap on the area where you want a dropdown list in Microsoft word.

Click on the “Developer” on the top menu pane.


Choose the dropdown list option from the Developer control menu.

Microsoft Word

You will see the dropdown list box in your Microsoft Word document typing area.

Set the dropdown list:

The list is empty as you have not configured it yet. You need to add items to the list to configure it.

Again head over to developer in the top menu pane and select properties.

A new window will open where you need to configure the dropdown list.

Dropdown Menu

Add text to the title box. The text is the title of your dropdown list.

Select color from the list to add a color scheme to your list.

Click on the checkboxes in the “Locking” section. This will prevent users from editing the dropdown list and only you have the controls. It is also your preference if you want to restrict users from editing the list.

In the Dropdown list properties section, click on the “Add” button to add the properties. Another window will open where you have to type your desired items for the list.

In the end, click on OK to finish the process. A dropdown list is added in your Microsoft Word Document and you can check it.

If at any point you want to delete the list or delete any item from the list, go again to the properties in the developer option.

Uncheck content control cannot be deleted and click OK at the bottom of the windows.

Now, right-click on the dropdown list box and select Remove content control. This will delete the dropdown list from the word document.

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